Planned Parenthood Down to 48 States


Building a Culture of Life

By Natalie Wujick, grade 9 “Peace begins with a smile,” said Mother Teresa. Just a little smile can brighten someone’s day and inspire love and happiness. Small acts of kindness can lift a burden from a loved one or even a stranger. Every human life has a purpose, and, when we give ourselves to others, we […]

Pro-Life This Week – September 6, 2019

Week in Review – CMP Trial; PP’s new Birth Control money-making scheme Major news in the pro-life world this week was the beginning of a nine-day hearing in California where a judge will evaluate the 14 criminal charges against the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover journalists, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. As The Federalist reported, during this […]

Empowering Women Means Eliminating People?

By Susan Ciancio Absurdity abounded in a Town Hall debate this week. According to the Daily Wire, a teacher named Martha Readyoff addressed Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders saying: “Empowering women, and educating everyone on the need to curb population growth seems a reasonable campaign to enact. . . . Would you be courageous enough […]

They Asked Him to Leave

Palliative Care Demons

By Judie Brown The United States Senate HELP Committee is currently focused—at least in part—on lowering healthcare costs. However, there are problems with this, as over the years, the senators—perhaps unwittingly—have engaged the advice of some folks well known to those of us who oppose any effort to introduce euthanasia as a form of healthcare. […]

Prayer Saved My Life; It Can Save Yours Too

By Katie Brown I’m the type of person who likes to get things done by myself. I often jokingly quote Mr. Incredible from the Disney Pixar movie The Incredibles when I say, “Fly home, Buddy. I work alone.” Of course the irony in that movie is that Mr. Incredible finds out he accomplishes more when […]

Encouraging Intergenerational Living Is a Cure for Loneliness

By Shannon Roberts The world is ageing at an unprecedented speed, meaning the proportion of younger people to older people is less than ever before. Growing old inevitably brings physical suffering, but for many it is the loneliness that is much harder to bear. The relationship between loneliness and health is now well-recognised the world […]