Our Blessed Mother and the Culture of Life

Why the Glendon Commission Matters

By Shaun Kenney  David Carlin writes for The Catholic Thing about the US Commission on Unalienable Rights, formed by Secretary Mike Pompeo in an effort to cage the argument between natural rights vs. so-called human rights. As one might suspect, there is a distinction between the two ideas. Natural law recognizes its source from a fixable […]

A Relationship Guide for Young Women

By Katie Brown “How do I get him to not push me to do immoral things?” I speak with a lot of young girls on the subjects of self-respect, chastity, and modesty, and I hear this question far too often. What I have found is that not only are a lot of girls lacking self-respect, […]


Rejoice in the Church

By Susan Ciancio I was saddened to read this story about a priest who stole his parishioners’ money and used it for his own personal gain, including sexual gratification. This is exactly the type of fodder that the culture of death pounces on and loves to shove in our faces. “See?” they say. “The Catholic […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 23, 2019

Week in Review – The Title X axe falls. What are they doing with the bodies? This week the axe has finally fallen on Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding. As of Monday, PP is out of the Title X $60 million money stream. But, by Wednesday, New York State announced it will give Planned Parenthood […]

The Facts about Planned Parenthood and Our Tax Dollars

By Judie Brown The media is telling us that Planned Parenthood withdrew from the government’s family planning program, known as Title X, because it did not want to comply with President Trump’s new rule. According to press reports, the problem is that, under this new regulation, abortion could not be referred elsewhere, nor could it […]

Don’t Allow the Culture of Death to Suck You In

By Susan Ciancio It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget that we all have blessings to offer the world. Sometimes we even convince ourselves that we have nothing to offer anyone—that we are so inconsequential that no one could possibly love us or value anything we do, that we lack […]