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Thanksgiving to God for His Many Blessings!

This is the time of year when we reflect on the greatness of God, His love for each of us and His constancy in times of trial and tribulation. At American Life League, and for me personally, these realities evoke an immense sense of gratitude because the positive gifts He provides are too numerous to count.
There are, above all else, human beings with whom He has blessed American Life League and it is in gratitude for each of them that I feel compelled to write. Each of us whether employees, benefactors, grassroots workers or prayer warriors has families that the Lord has provided. These families are a constant source of love, joy and, at times, trial. But, regardless of the situation, each is a blessing from above.
Together we have formed a team that continues to progress in this struggle to restore Americas spirit so that we are once again a nation that reveres and respects the human person affirming his dignity and protecting his human rights.
While it could be said that the culture of death is far better-funded and better-manned in many places than we appear to be, the truth is that evil dominates everything they do; therefore, when all is said and done, they will fail. We know this is true because the Lord has promised that He will never abandon us, and this is what is so remarkable about being part of the pro-life effort. The struggle we wage is selfless because the people we are defending may never be known to us. Yet we carry on, never once looking back at what might have been, and always striving for the success we know will one day be attained. Each of us has been given Gods grace and His patient guidance as we strive to do His will and entrust our efforts to His divine design for mankind.
Thanksgiving, for those who defend the human person, is not so much about food preparation and sports though they are marvelous traditions that we would never miss because celebrations with loved ones are an integral part of our lives. For us though, Thanksgiving is also a time to refresh our spirits, renew our dedication and reinvigorate our commitment to the most vulnerable in our midst. Indeed, we are thankful for family, for friends, and for spectacular feasts and nail-biting football games. But most of all we are thankful for the gift of life.
May the Lord who gave each of us the gift of life bless those we love, those we work with and those we stand with in our quest to bring moral sanity back to center stage in America once again.
All of us at American Life League wish you and your loved ones a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving.