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Who Supports Planned Parenthood?

This week on Snapchat, the news site Vice posted a story profiling Satan worshipers and their support for the nation’s largest supplier of dead babies. It’s a friendship made in hell. Planned Parenthood has yet to openly express delight in its new support group, but we doubt the organization is haunted by it either.

We captured the Vice Snapchat story:

Imagine someone who calls himself a Christian but who doesn’t believe in the existence of Jesus. That’s a Satanist. Odd, though, that its members unify under something none of them believe in. According to one member featured in the clip, the Satanic Temple is all about “creating a community for people that feel like they have no place anywhere else.” It isn’t terribly hard to imagine why full-grown men wearing nothing but diapers and angry-baby masks would feel like they can’t find anyplace to welcome them.

Satanists aren’t so much a movement FOR a cause as much as they are a movement AGAINST one. This is why Satan is a merely a mascot. He represents a rebellion against what they perceive is tyrannical, religious, Christian zealotry. In a nutshell, these people rebel against the moral good because Christian truths evoke their consciences.

This leads to the sad state of Satanists. By entertaining the demonic to Satan’s amusement, they choose the path of oblivion. Having never repented and turned toward Christ, they will inevitably find that Satan does exist—and that he cares nothing for them.