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‘We Testify’ to the Horror of Abortion

From Shout Your Abortion to CHOICE/LESS, there never seems to be a shortage of initiatives attempting to remove the stigma surrounding abortion. These initiators and participants want to make it so that everybody thinks of abortion as a simple, routine medical procedure—like getting a filling or having a molar pulled.

The newest of these initiatives is called “We Testify.” Rewire News Tweeted the following:


After clicking on the link to Rewire News provided in the Tweet, you are taken to an article entitled “We Testify: New Effort to Help Eliminate Stigma, Build Community around Abortion.” Okay, time to brace yourself for the malarkey.

This “new” initiative is really nothing new at all. Sure, all these projects have different titles and sometimes different angles for destigmatizing abortion, but the underlying purpose is always the same. The idea is that, if lots of women who have had abortions come together and talk about their experiences and how abortion ultimately improved their lives, then more and more people will perceive abortion as a great option for women for whatever reason. Whether it’s not feeling ready to be a mother, not financially stable to raise a child—or more children—or not wanting to let a child live with Down syndrome, the reasons women give are always dressed up as responsible, practical, or even loving and merciful.

In reality, these initiatives are one-sided presentations of something much bigger. They never highlight the enormous number of women, men, and families who are severely injured psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually by abortion, not to mention the children who are gruesomely killed. They never highlight that “feeling ready to be a mother” has nothing to do with “already being a mother.” They also never mention how the abortion industry only pretends to care as it rakes in millions of dollars at the expense and lives of others by selling and reselling “sex without consequences.”

At American Life League, “We Testify” to the horror of abortion and its utterly destructive nature. Try as they might, abortion proponents will never make honest and decent people believe that abortion is a simple, routine medical procedure. Abortion rightfully carries a stigma because it is an atrocity.