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Rantings of a Planned Parenthood CEO

Cecile Richards is like her Hollywood celebrity friends. They live in a social bubble surrounded by like-minded lemmings who all think the same. They never place themselves in an environment where sensible people with opposing ideas can present the case for reason and principle. Now that the GOP has a plan to defund organizations that decapitate children before they’re born, Planned Parenthood’s president is making media appearances and sending out social media messages that the organization is on high alert. But her friendlies in the media don’t push hard. They just nod their heads and repeat Planned Parenthood’s talking points.

So let’s push a little harder. Below are the rantings of a panicky Planned Parenthood millionaire CEO feeling scorned by the government with which her organization once had a cozy relationship:

If Planned Parenthood won’t back down from “threats” and “intimidation,” then why is it choosing to close its facilities faster than it opens new ones?


Every time Planned Parenthood shuts down one of its facilities, it’s guilty of “denying care” to patients. It chose to shut its doors even though its CEOs receive salaries of a quarter-of-a-million dollars. The federal government is poised to make huge cuts, but Planned Parenthood executives will not.

Perhaps there’s some room for negotiation:

Ok, then. No negotiation.

President Trump baited Planned Parenthood with the proposition of protecting its federal funding provided it ceases its bloody slaughter. Planned Parenthood said “No!” Think about it. If abortion is only three percent of services—as it claims—then it is a service rarely used. Women don’t want it. Women prefer Planned Parenthood for the other 97 percent. So why doesn’t Planned Parenthood stop providing the service that’s threating its necessary cash flow? It’s barely needed . . . riiiiiiiiiight?

As much as Planned Parenthood’s three percent nonsense is regurgitated, the amount of income that abortion provides to any one facility is 10 times that. That’s why Planned Parenthood focuses on percentage of services rather than percentage of income. It’s trying to break the association between its name and killing kids for profit by selling its brand as “the leading healthcare provider for millions of women.”

It’s also trying to sell this bland T-shirt printed in someone’s basement as “a fashion statement.”

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Cecile Richards appears on Morning Joe and CBS This Morning and says, “Teen pregnancies are at record lows.” She celebrates the manufactured idea that Planned Parenthood is responsible for this when there’s no evidence for it. Know what else is at record lows? Planned Parenthood facilities! Not one media talking head challenges Richards on this fact. How does Planned Parenthood reconcile lower pregnancy rates with fewer Planned Parenthood centers?

It can’t.

We’ve seen this in the Texas panhandle. When Planned Parenthood leaves town, pregnancy rates continued to drop without it. Conclusion: Planned Parenthood is irrelevant to communities. It has nothing to do with lowering pregnancy rates. But it does have everything to do with lowering birth rates (i.e., abortion).

One can only imagine the disgust on Ms. Richards’ face if ever she were challenged with these facts. Or maybe you don’t have to imagine it. It probably looks something like this: