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Planned Parenthood’s Post-Election Implosion

Having backed President Obama for the past two presidential elections, Planned Parenthood claimed victory “for women,” “for healthcare,” and “for equality” even though, in reality, it was securing its place at the table for stuffing its face with taxpayer-dollar handouts.

Now comes the election of 2016. Planned Parenthood plays The Woman CardTM and puts all of its weight behind Hillary Clinton. It even celebrates her at its annual abortion-palooza party. Despite all of the rubbing elbows with radical feminist celebrities, despite sending out thousands of gender-study college students with clipboards to Get Out the Vote, and despite all the dressing up as women’s reproductive organs, Planned Parenthood, its agenda, and its supporters were rejected by America.

How is Planned Parenthood dealing with the aftermath? Find your safe spaces as we go through Planned Parenthood’s feed. Things are about to get triggered.

“Scared.” What exactly is there “to process?” For starters, defunding is on the horizon, as Republicans now hold power in the executive and legislative branches of government.

But does the organization that dismembers and decapitates preborn children for profit have a right to be “disgusted?”

Planned Parenthood advocates hand out vagina-shaped cookies on college campuses, but sidewalk chalk disgusts them. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood fails to comprehend the notion that voting involves an individual making his or her choice for president. So how, exactly, does it make the people who oppose Planned Parenthood “anti-choice”?

Oh. In case you didn’t know it, love died on Election Night. Or something.

It’s time to heal.

It’s time to turn grief into action.

It’s time to take care of ourselves.

Most of Planned Parenthood’s messages in the last 48 hours have revolved around a “These. Doors. Stay. Open.”  theme that all started with an e-mail blast by the organization’s top boss, Cecile Richards.

As a reminder to those Planned Parenthood supporters who want to believe that, we’ll leave this right here: