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Planned Parenthood’s Decreasing Popularity

When your business has bad news, publish the bad news over a three-day weekend when no one’s watching. That’s what Planned Parenthood did this week.

Planned Parenthood released its long-delayed annual report over Memorial Day. The numbers don’t look good for an organization claiming to be all about “healthcare.” American Life League and STOPP International looked closely at Planned Parenthood’s numbers and found that, despite growing taxpayer revenue, it has a shrinking service record for customers, with exception to the one service Planned Parenthood is renowned for—killing preborn children.

We compared the services Planned Parenthood proudly claims it provides with its reported number of abortions and posted those comparisons online. What you see is that, while it claims “abortion is just 3% of services,” the other services it brags about are equal to or less than that.

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