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Planned Parenthood’s Cartoon Abortion

Planned Parenthood bills itself as the bastion of “medically accurate” information for women’s reproductive care. (Apologies if you just read that while sipping a hot, steaming cup of coffee. You probably just spit it across your screen in hysterical laughter.) To motivate mothers seeking the death of their preborn child to provide Planned Parenthood with another handful of cash, the billion-dollar abortion biz recently posted animated videos of the abortion process. In the rare case your reproductive organs were constructed inside a Tron movie, Planned Parenthood shows you how the baby dies amorphous blob is removed.

Look again.


According to the Guttmacher Institute, 66 percent of mothers getting an abortion do so at eight weeks pregnancy. So, let’s compare babies. See if you can spot the difference. Behold the accuracy!


According to Planned Parenthood, abortion might as well be removing a pearl from an oyster (which, incidentally, can also be sold for its value).

What is the deal with Planned Parenthood’s fear of babies? If abortion is nothing to be ashamed of, then what’s the point of depicting the baby as a blob? Maybe it’s because presenting women with the reality of tearing a newly created person from the organ whose only use is to nourish developing, preborn children contradicts Big Abortion’s vocabulary of obfuscation.


“Products of conception.”

If there’s one thing women can trust with Planned Parenthood, it’s that Planned Parenthood will treat their children as discardable waste.