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Planned Parenthood’s Campaign of Feelings

In December, Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, spoke at the Commonwealth Club of California and was asked what was in Planned Parenthood’s future in a Trump-Pence administration.

She responded: “The important thing in the months ahead are to drive a wedge and really demonstrate to Donald Trump that, in fact, the people of America don’t see Planned Parenthood as a problem, but see Planned Parenthood as a solution.  And we have to lift up the voices of the millions and millions of alumni who have been to Planned Parenthood for healthcare . . . and make sure those stories are out there.” (emphasis ours)

In the past few weeks we’re seeing this play out exactly as Richards described. With Congress in recess, representatives are returning to their home states and participating in town hall meetings. Planned Parenthood advocates are attending these meetings and prefacing their questions with personal backstories and “essential needs” for the nation’s largest human slaughterhouse.

For example, in Fairview, TN, a Planned Parenthood employee asked Representative Marsha Blackburn why she wants Planned Parenthood defunded when the public health center wouldn’t offer her an “applicable” sliding scale despite having “no money in [her] pocket.”

Why, exactly, the public health center did not accommodate her she doesn’t explain—only that it would not offer her an “applicable” sliding scale despite having “no money in [her] pocket.” (We call shenanigans.) Missing from Planned Parenthood’s video is Blackburn’s response, seen here.

Reporting the same story, Cosmopolitan gets in on the sob-fest with this headline:

The Cosmo article goes on to describe “the young woman’s emotional testimony.” Ooops! Sexism! Did the Cosmo writer forget the talking point that using “woman” and “emotional” in the same sentence is code for “Woman. You are weak. Make my sandwich!”

Furthermore, we hear this from Jason Chafetz of Utah:

From Tom McClintock of California:

And from Dave Brat of Virginia:

Ms. Magazine, which could be described as the official magazine of Planned Parenthood, and may be provided as reading material for post-abortive mothers waiting for the anesthesia to wear off, published “Planned Parenthood Saved My Life.”

Planned Parenthood can’t sanitize the brutality and shame of abortion no matter how hard it propagandizes. Instead it has to shovel tears with touchy-feely stories of cancer scares and pap smears.


It’s a campaign of manipulation and misdirection: “Even if you oppose us for killing a lot of little people, support us because we also save a few people.”

The ends don’t justify the means. Saving a few doesn’t justify killing a few hundred thousand.