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Planned Parenthood Partners with Dating App

For people looking to date someone who complements their support for the nation’s largest abortion provider, there’s now an app for that.

OKCupid, one of the most popular dating app/social media sites for singles, just announced that a pro-Planned Parenthood button can be added to your user profile as a means of finding and meeting other Planned Parenthood supporters.

Planned Parenthood couldn’t be any happier about this.

Planned Parenthood’s entire business model is convincing teens and young adults that promiscuity is everyone’s right. Perpetuating this lie creates medical consequences, and Planned Parenthood makes all its money from these consequences. By using a pro-Planned Parenthood badge, like-minded users can find each other easily, thereby hastening the way for an imminent visit to Planned Parenthood for its “services.”

This is all incredibly sad. OKCupid gets more followers, Planned Parenthood gets more customers, and the people who bought Planned Parenthood’s lie are stuck with the fallout.