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#NPLTD17 and #Sockit2PP Are Trending!

Last Friday’s National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day 2017 was a huge success! We had over 5,000 individuals all around the nation participate. There were many stories about exciting things that took place that day. One of the best was at Belmont Abbey, where many students were wearing pro-life shirts. It caught the interest of the manager of the local Chick-fil-a, who, after learning more about the day, set up an impromptu raffle. Every student wearing a pro-life shirt was invited to enter his name in a raffle. Two names were drawn, and each won a Chick-fil-a gift card! Here is a picture of twins who participated on that campus.

Another photo came all the way from India!

Would you like to see more photos? Check this link to see some Facebook photos with #NPLTD17.

Also this week, Students for Life of America delivered 197,000 baby socks to the office of House speaker Paul Ryan in Washington, DC. SFLA is running a #Sockit2PP effort to provide members of Congress with a visible reminder of how Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is destroying generations of children. SFLA’s goal is to collect 323,999 socks—one sock for each abortion done at Planned Parenthood in a year. The total delivered this week represents seven months of killing at Planned Parenthood centers across the country. American Life League’s Emily Brown (Judie Brown’s granddaughter) delivered the following statement at the rally:

I am happy to say that Planned Parenthood is on the defense because of you. The pro-life generation is stronger than ever and Planned Parenthood knows it.

We’re strong because we see the lies, killings, and greedy agenda of Planned Parenthood. We see young women being manipulated and used, girls my age being taken advantage of by Planned Parenthood. We see the greedy money making agenda of Planned Parenthood as they take our taxpayer money and pay their affiliate CEOS an average of $238 thousand dollars a year.

And most importantly we see the over 300,000 innocent babies killed yearly by this sick organization. This is why hundreds of thousands of baby socks have been collected by you all, through SockIt2Planned Parenthood. This is why busloads of people come to DC each year to peacefully march. This is why young people in high school and college are learning about the truth behind Planned Parenthood and joining the pro-life movement! We are strong and we are growing every day.

Today we are sending a clear message to Congress that enough is enough! We cannot sit around as Planned Parenthood slaughters the most innocent among us. That’s why we are doing this; we are a voice for the voiceless. We are courageous; we are determined; we are Life Defenders. And you and I both know that we will never stop fighting for the human rights of our tiniest human beings.

The vicious killing of our babies will end. Preborn born babies will be protected. And America’s human slaughterhouse, Planned Parenthood, will be defunded.

For more information and to see a video of Emily’s talk, visit