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Charlatans on Parade

By Judie Brown

Each day brings a new set of headlines that underscore the vile behavior of those who are committed to taking the lives of innocent babies and destroying the lives of their mothers. The worst part of it is that there are elected officials chirping the same song and taking actions to protect their beloved baby-killing ways.

Just last week, Senator Charles “Chuckie” Schumer introduced Senate Bill 4132, which is a proposal designed to protect the act of abortion no matter what the court does.

We are seeing debates about whether or not the abortion pill—RU-486—and its progeny will also be outlawed. This comes about because all of a sudden nobody seems to know what a right to privacy really is, which is sort of comical since it was never anything except a thought in the mind of a Supreme Court justice in 1973.

There are senators, congressmen, and powerbrokers who want to use the Alito-leaked opinion on the Dobbs case to pack the Supreme Court with ideologues who would ignore justice in favor of a deadly agenda.

And of course there is the entire media frenzy debating the alleged hand-wringing of various Supreme Court justices who are concerned about the leak as reporters wonder whether or not some elected officials will go so far as to ban travel to states where abortion is available.

While some of this may sound a bit outrageous, we must never forget that, for many, their support for abortion is akin to a religious conviction or even a sacrament. I am reminded of the words of feminist icon Gloria Steinem who said years ago: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” And of course there are others who want to gin up fear by asserting that the court has already ruled to outlaw abortion. Where does it end?

There is madness all around us. Frenzied commentators and activists are inspired by their personal disdain for the innocent human being. But as sad as this time in history is for those of us who fight for the babies, it is also a time to reflect and act accordingly.

The mean-spiritedness will perhaps never actually end since crimes against God and His creation have been ongoing since Eve took a bite out of the apple and Adam decided to exercise his free will and join her. Human nature is inherently weak. This is precisely why we all need to be constantly reminded of truth, which never changes. While some distort it, the fundamentals of truth itself are not altered by the hysteria. In the face of such fire-breathing, we have many places to turn not only for our salvation but for the well-being and education of our children.

Among the treasures that help us ensure that our children are learning facts rather than myths are the unassailable lessons from the Culture of Life Studies Program. Regarding The Developing Baby lesson, for instance, program director Susan Ciancio set forth five reasons why children will love learning about the preborn child. One is that “God’s love for each person is immeasurable.” She goes on to state: “This is so important for kids to understand, as our secular world will often claim that there is no God or that He doesn’t care. This lesson teaches that God loves every one of us and that we all matter to Him.”

This simple fact separates us from the pro-abortion frauds parading in our midst as they scream, distort, and offend. God loves everyone, even the charlatans for whom we pray.