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Privacy right emanations

The clatter is on. Just last evening I did a radio debate with Ms. Vicki Sapporta, CEO of the National Abortion Federation. The topic? What else: Judge Roberts!

The woman was armed for bear. She tore right into her spiel about how the "right to privacy" would be in jeopardy if Judge Roberts is confirmed. And then she went through a laundry list of "rights" that she was positive Roberts would, single handedly, mind you, drive right into the ground!

Well, wait a minute. Let's try to get past the rant and find some substance. The last time I looked at the Supreme Court, it was either evading cases like Norma McCorvey's or Terri Schiavo's or figuring out a way to walk right down the side occupied by the mushy middle.

So why all the fuss? They firmly believe that abortion is sacred — never to be hindered in any way. In the Roberts nomination they have found a golden opportunity to scare Americans, excoriate people of faith and raise tons of money using deceptive tactics and inflammatory rhetoric.

Oh, and get this! The "right to privacy" isn't even in the Constitution. So, what's their problem?