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Message to Legislators: Defund Planned Parenthood! No Contingencies, No Exceptions

By Rita Diller

It’s that time of the year when Congress is appropriating money, and Planned Parenthood stands licking its bloody chops demanding a huge handout to carry on its dirty business of abortion and promotion of sexual license.

In September of last year, Planned Parenthood Federation of America released its long-overdue annual report, showing that in 2020-2021, it banked $633.4 million—over $1.7 MILLION PER DAY—from government sources. That’s a full 37% of the abortion giant’s annual income for the fiscal year. At year’s end, PPFA recorded $133.7 million in profits (income after expense). Along the path to its profit, Planned Parenthood boasts it ended the lives of 383,460 precious babies.

STOPP is reaching out to members of Congress and encouraging all people of good will to do the same! You can find your representatives’ contact info here. Our legislators need to hear from all of us today a loud and clear message: No more taxpayer money for Planned Parenthood! Period! There should be no contingencies and no exceptions. Planned Parenthood is admittedly a systemically racist organization founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger. Analysis of its financial reports and locations reveal that it is an organization that is not here to help the poor, as it likes to say, but to eliminate the children of the poor.

Current bills that are pending to defund Planned Parenthood—H.R. 371 and H.R. 128—would restrict its funding by government recoupment of money PP receives during the fiscal year if it commits abortions. However, there are exceptions written into the bills to allow abortions under some circumstances. Also, money budgeted for women’s healthcare but withheld from Planned Parenthood is to be given to community health centers, a large percentage of which offer many kinds of dangerous, abortifacient contraception. Some offer ella, a “chemical cousin to the abortion pill Mifeprex,” both of which can “damage the embryo’s attachment to the uterus, causing death.” Many offer IUDs, which can disrupt an existing pregnancy, resulting in abortion.

Let your congressional representatives know that Planned Parenthood must be defunded. Period! Planned Parenthood’s business model is the epitome of evil and should not be taxpayer funded, ever! Nor should taxpayer money pay for deadly birth control from any provider!

For more info on STOPP, see this week’s Wednesday STOPP Report at