Charlie Gard’s Symphony

Beating Your Baby to Death!

In 2011, American Life League produced a 30-second video featuring a blender that was portrayed as cutting a living bunny to pieces. The dramatic presentation was designed to simulate something very bad and deadly. But we made it clear that while no bunny was actually killed, the point of the message remained. The purpose of this video was to […]

Detesting God Is the New Normal

Some call it anarchy, which, according to Webster’s, is the absence of order. In our current times, anarchy has become the new normal among those who detest God. In their worldview, the natural law, including respect for the dignity of the human person, is an intolerable inconvenience. Another way of explaining this is to quote the […]

Barbarian: Savage or Heathen

The barbarians in this case are those who raised voices of protest immediately after the US Supreme Court ruled in a recent pro-life pregnancy center case. The case in point, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, Attorney General of California, dealt with the fundamental question of whether or not the state of California […]

Hotbed of Moral Evil

By Judie Brown Hotbed: an environment that favors rapid growth or development Joseph F. Naumann, DD, archbishop of Kansas City, Kansas, is the incoming chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Pro-Life Committee. He is a champion of respect for human beings from their inception until their death. A couple of days ago […]

Terrify the Devil, Oppose Planned Parenthood

By Judie Brown Recent comments by Bishop Robert Morlino have made me realize that being politically incorrect will destroy the Planned Parenthood agenda. The brilliant shepherd of the Madison, Wisconsin, diocese recently told the graduates of Thomas Aquinas College to “be ‘politically incorrect’” and to “‘make the voice of reason heard in our culture’ amid […]

Ireland, Abortion, and the Loss of Faith

By Judie Brown Thousands of words have been written about the loss of the pro-life campaign in Ireland, but I have not seen a single word about the underlying cause of this outcome. It was said in times past that Ireland “is a Catholic country,” but was it really? And is it still? We examined […]