‘Dobbs’ Contradictions and Fictions

‘Dobbs’ Contradictions and Fictions

By Judie Brown Countless words have been written now that the Supreme Court has started hearing arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health case. Yet the question remains: Where is the truth? For as we see it, the Mississippi law in question before the court is itself as flawed as the arguments that tell […]

Balancing Faith and Science

By Judie Brown Pope Benedict XVI’s 2008 prayer at Ground Zero included these words: God of peace, bring your peace to our violent world:peace in the hearts of all men and womenand peace among the nations of the earth. Turn to your way of lovethose whose hearts and mindsare consumed with hatred. Thinking about these […]

Some of Us Are Hellish Creatures

By Judie Brown C.S. Lewis once described what it takes to become either a better person or a hellish one. When I think about this, I am convinced that his description suits those who spend their waking moments striving to convince everyone that aborting an innocent child prior to birth is nothing more than a […]

A Thanksgiving Prayer

O God, of Whose mercies there is no number, and of Whose goodness the treasure is infinite; we render thanks to Your most gracious majesty for the gifts You have bestowed upon us, evermore beseeching Your clemency, that as You grant the petitions of them that ask You, You will never forsake them, but will […]

Canceling Atrocity

By Judie Brown Last year, Professor Victor Davis Hanson wrote about the cancel culture: Each generation deals with its own manifestations of age-old mob frenzies, bullying and public shaming. Salem, Mass., had its witch trials in the 1690s. The 1950s endured its McCarthyism. And we now are enduring our “cancel culture.” But 21st-century public shaming […]

Disbelief Does Not Erase Christ

By Judie Brown A quick review of the agenda of the now-completed meeting of Catholic bishops in our nation exposes the very problem that troubles so many of us every day. While there are many things in our nation that deserve the bishops’ attention—including Catholic Relief Services and dialogues on culture—one thing remains paramount. And that is, […]