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Life Devoid of Value

By Judie Brown

As we approach the somber events commemorated on Good Friday, we are called to reflect on what is happening to the value of a single human life. A few years ago commentator Dave Armstrong reminded us that “there never will be a single human being for whom Christ did not suffer.”

While this truth is not embraced by our wayward culture, we know that it is the only truth that satisfies, saves souls, and brings joy to the heart. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said, “Our Lord during His public life taught gentleness in return for injury.”

This is the message pro-life Americans teach in our actions, our words, and our mission. It is the antidote for the crippling, evil activities of organizations like Planned Parenthood. Recently the nation’s leading death peddling entity took it upon itself to actively oppose a proposed West Virginia law that would permit the showing of a pro-life video like Baby Olivia in classrooms.

The proposal passed the state’s senate and now moves to the house, but the real controversy centers not on a video that tells the truth about a preborn child, but on the power the evil one has to distort and destroy even the simplest of truths about the biological development of a child prior to birth.

Clearly lawmakers are not the only ones grappling with what it means to be a developing human being. Professor Mary Ziegler observed that in the case of the Alabama law “you have a lot of Christian right and pro-life groups that think that Alabama’s supreme court decision was good, and—if anything didn’t go far enough.”

According to The Guardian, “The concept of fetal personhood, once a fringe ideology that could be mostly ignored by mainstream Republican lawmakers, now underscores much of the modern anti-abortion movement’s work.” We thank God for statements like this because they expose the fact that more people are recognizing the humanity or personhood of the preborn child.

Apparently, the only portion of the population that denies the scientific truth are those who do not see the value of a single developing preborn child but prefer instead to advocate for their wholesale slaughter.

Statistics, analytical reports, and headlines join together in the deadly messaging that as long as there are surgical and chemical abortions, all is well in the world. But when videos like Baby Olivia disturb their status quo, the vile denials of what science cannot change commence. Such is the way of the world where human lives have become disposable.

In our culture we see many people growing less mesmerized by the public carping of these folks, and as some have reported, it would appear that there is a change in the deadly tide. But at moments like this we have to take a step back and remind ourselves of one fundamental reality: “As long as the leaders and disciples of the abortion industry/religion are fighting like hell for hell, there is a real battle taking place.”

As long as evil exists, we will look to the cross and march forward. We will be the PIC people: persistent, insistent, and consistent.