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Face It . . . Abortion Kills!

By Judie Brown

Seven days ago we bowed our heads and reflected on the suffering Christ who died on the cross in reparation for our sins. And three days later we celebrated His triumph over sin and death.

This stunning truth is one we are called to reflect on and pray about every day, even as we battle in the world for the salvation of innocents who are dying at the hands of surgeons, because of the ingestion of killer pills, or in other ways. In fact, I would dare say more babies are dying because of recent phony abortion bans than for any other reason.

The language of the Florida law reminds us of a sieve through which embryonic baby bodies pour out, dead and abandoned in the dirt of deception. This is so because headlines suggest that banning abortion after 15 weeks is a pro-life position. They tell us that the majority of people support this argument.

That is a travesty.

There is no lifesaving position that can morally or ethically begin 15 weeks after a preborn child is first created. Yet all around us we see evidence of the disregard for the life of babies in these early stages.

For example, huge corporate entities like Amazon provide easy access so that women can now pay for a virtual visit with a “licensed clinician” prior to receiving a prescription for contraception. Such medications, as we know, act as abortifacients because they interfere with implantation. This means that preborn babies die before they have a chance to implant in the wombs of their mothers.

We are also witnessing what some might describe as citizen action. This refers to university student groups that hand out emergency contraception in the way that, in the old days, teachers would hand out candy. A group at Louisiana State, for example, was able to do so because of grants they received from like-minded pro-abortion groups such as Advocates for Youth.

According to its statement, the “partnership between leading nonprofits and EC companies will allow students to distribute over 135,000 units of free emergency contraception to their peers.” This translates to free preborn child killing by pill so that young people can pursue sexual relationships outside of marriage without concern for procreating a baby. And if a baby is created, the pill can kill that baby in his first few days of life.

In addition, many women who have been elected to public office make it a media event to celebrate their abortions. Politico recently reported that “Marilyn Lands’ bid to represent a Northern Alabama state House district was all about reproductive rights—and she spoke openly about a nonviable pregnancy that ended in abortion. The Democrat shocked even her own supporters when she crushed her Republican opponent in a special election on Tuesday by a whopping 25 points.”

Apparently publicly sharing the demolition of your maternal instinct to carry a child to term is the new normal among those who have accepted abortion as nothing more than a human right.

Lest we overlook the scandal among Catholic groups as well, Catholic Relief Services is still deeply involved in providing contraceptives and abortion to the poor in third world countries.

As the market for surgical and medical abortions, especially by pill, has expanded, we cannot help but ask a simple question: When are we pro-life Americans going to get back to basics and demand that the public see and understand that every single abortion kills a person, no matter now young, no matter how detectable?

The blood of the innocents cries out for justice, today more than ever.