Revisiting the Domino Effect: Part II

faith and scandal

Unwavering Faith Despite the Scandal

By Judie Brown These are trying times for Catholics as we witness the ongoing revelations of alleged sexual abuse among members of the clergy. Monsignor Charles Pope has written that the way we move toward healing must include an honest discussion of homosexuality in the priesthood. Active Homosexuality in the Priesthood Helped Cause This Crisis […]


Repudiating the Truth

By Judie Brown Selling abortion has reached a new low in America. Long ago these pro-death zealots repudiated the fundamental scientific truth documented in the Carnegie Stages of human development that a person exists from his biological beginning onward. But these days their tactics are so contemptible that one wonders how comatose the general population […]


Catholic Scandals and the Cross

By Judie Brown So much is being written these days about the sexual misconduct of ordained Catholic priests, including Cardinal McCarrick, that we hardly need to concentrate on this further. Furthermore, we understand the problem of homosexuality in the priesthood, but we also know that the vast majority of priests are good men who try […]

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Evildoers among Women

By Judie Brown Sometimes women do or say things so incredibly wicked that I get chills down my spine. But this is no horror movie of which I speak. This is real life right here in America. Thirty-six-year-old Ginny Lubitz of West Fargo, North Dakota, drowned her newborn baby earlier this year. She claimed she […]

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WATCH: Abortion Regret Is Real, but There Is Help, Hope, and Healing

By Walter B. Hoye II I once talked with a man and a woman across the street from an abortion clinic. I asked, “May I talk to you about alternatives to the clinic?” The woman (almost in tears) looked back at the man, then looked at me. Her face expressed how deeply she regretted the […]


The Root Cause of Today’s Catholic Crisis

By Judie Brown One need not look farther than today’s headlines to realize that many in the Catholic hierarchy have run amuck! We all know about the disgusting behavior of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The fact that his escapades span years is mind-boggling. We may never know how many victims fell prey to this behavior, but […]