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Pro-Life This Week – September 10, 2021

Week in Review – The Political reaction to the Texas abortion law The Texas abortion regulation law (which we covered in detail last week) is still a hot topic across the country—especially among political leaders. Today we will note some of the fallout over the last 10 days. Most abortion facilities in Texas have stopped […]

Pro-Life This Week – September 3, 2021

Week in Review – Let’s talk about Texas!  The biggest news in the pro-life world this week was the implementation of a new law in Texas regulating abortion in the state. The law, which is commonly referred to as Senate Bill 8 (the number of the bill that was passed by the legislature and signed […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 27, 2021

Week in Review – What a Week! Where Do We Start? As August rolls to an end, we hope many of you have taken the time to talk with your US senators and let them know the importance of keeping in the budget bills a prohibition on taxpayer funding of abortion. We clearly do not […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 20, 2021

Week in Review – More dead babies, no conscience rights, and the shining light from an Olympic medalist Our friend, Carole Novielli, at Life Action, released a report this week on the killing of preborn babies by abortion, just one-to-four weeks before their due dates. Carole cited official state documents that revealed this horrible truth. These documented […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 13, 2021

Week in Review – The Senate stays in session to vote on horrible budget bills Although the United States Senate is supposed to be out of session for their August recess this week, they are officially in “extra innings” and busy voting on budget bills. Among the bills voted on this week was the $3.5 […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 6, 2021

Week in Review – Report Shows HHS Gave Nearly $3 Million to Harvest Fetal Organs; Missouri Under Pressure to Defund PP On Tuesday of this week, Judicial Watch and The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a report showing that the US Department of Health and Human Services gave nearly $3 million in federal funds […]