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WSR: 2022-10-26

  • American Life League Staff and Friends Face Off Evil at PP Mega-Abortion Center in Washington, DC
  • While American Life League Offers Voter Guide, Planned Parenthood PAC Offers Voter Registration to Dead Voters
  • ‘The Nutcracker’ and Abortion: Planned Parenthood Uses Mobile Clinics as Next Sick Strategy in a Lawless Continuum

By Rita Diller

Its evil presence hangs heavy over the neighborhood like the monster it is. Planned Parenthood’s $20 million, 27,000 square foot abortion mega-center in our nation’s capital stands as a stark reminder that abortion is still sanctioned and protected—even in the shadow of the Dobbs decision that emanated from the nearby Supreme Court, a mere 10-minute drive away. Dobbs negated a bogus constitutional right to abortion that had stood for almost half a century, allowing the killing of over 63 million American children before sending abortion legislation back to the individual states.

Even though the District of Columbia is not a state, Planned Parenthood had anticipated the overturning of Dobbs. As the 2019 Planned Parenthood Metro Washington annual report shows, Planned Parenthood has been hard at work for years making sure legislation was enacted that would enable it to carry on its abortion business unfettered. Today, it continues to work on gaining state status for DC in order to ensure abortion access in the future.

Because Planned Parenthood laid the groundwork before the Dobbs decision came down, it was the bloody business of abortion as usual in our nation’s capital on October 12, 2022, as we gathered to pray. Young women were dumped off from cars that barely paused near the doors, even as little schoolchildren were marched in lines from an adjacent school in the direction of the imposing building—a stark reminder that PPMW kills on average a classroom of children (18) daily, seven days a week, in its monstrous facilities. In close proximity stood two churches—the elephants in the room. The churches are so nearby, but no one was there to defend the babies and help the moms except our staff and friends, while Planned Parenthood operates unfettered. Business as usual.

We were there to pray the rosary, defend the moms and babies, and offer help, with pictures of Our Lady, rosaries in hand, and prayers on our lips. We were also marking the third anniversary of ALL’s Marian Blue Wave and the official launching of the Marian Surge, ensuring that 10,000-plus prayer warriors are committed to the spiritual battle to stop Planned Parenthood and to stop abortion, with a focus of praying onsite at all Planned Parenthood facilities. 

Under the watchful eye of area police, our prayers and those of our prayer partners penetrated the walls of the monstrous building and ascended all the way to the killing rooms. This we know: Those children knew we were there praying for them, and those who wielded the surgical instruments and rolled out the abortion pills shuddered in the presence of Our Lady and the rosaries that were being prayed as they felt our prayerful presence. Their barricading the doors from inside when we arrived at the scene offered no barrier against the power of the Holy Spirit that descended on that building. We know that God was predisposing the Planned Parenthood staff to leave and never look back. Our continuing prayer is that they will heed that invitation, repent, and do no more harm. 

If you are not a committed member of our Marian Blue Wave, please join us today. There is no cost to join. You will commit to being a part of our 10,000-strong, peaceful, prayerful surge to stop Planned Parenthood worldwide once and for all through the power of the rosary and onsite prayer at Planned Parenthood. For those who cannot go to Planned Parenthood, know that your prayers are valued and will do more good than we will ever know in this life. Thank you for being a part of the Marian Blue Wave.

In anticipation of the November midterm elections, it was reported last week that Planned Parenthood Texas Votes and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke have been mailing voter registration cards to dead voters who, in some instances, have been deceased for up to 13 years. A Texas GOP spokesperson said the mailings also lacked legally required disclosures.

Planned Parenthood Texas Votes is one of the abortion giant’s political action committees in Texas. In order for candidates to be endorsed by the Planned Parenthood PAC, they “must commit 100 percent to supporting reproductive health care access, including safe, legal abortion.” For Planned Parenthood, protecting abortion is THE non-negotiable litmus test for candidates.

Over a million dollars in funding has been deployed to prevent voter fraud in the upcoming Texas elections. Poll watchers and election workers have been trained and placed throughout the state to help ensure a fair election. 

Election day is November 8. While ALL and STOPP cannot engage in partisan politics, we do have a guide for voters framed around non-negotiable pro-life principles. 

Our guide is directed toward Catholics. However, regardless of your faith walk, it provides a valuable pro-life guide for voting with a properly formed conscience. It can be accessed in full here.

“If there is no ultimate truth to guide and direct political activity, then ideas and convictions can easily be manipulated for reasons of power. As history demonstrates, a democracy without values easily turns into open or thinly disguised totalitarianism.” – Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth): #101

From the beginning, Planned Parenthood was planted on a pathway of disrespect and disregard for the law of the land, a tradition and primary strategy it continues to this day. The Planned Parenthood website incredibly reveals its founder’s radical, deadly activist background in its “Who We Are” history section. It details Margaret Sanger’s initial illegal clinic opening, where she was arrested for breaking the law in 1916, her alignment with the radical, racist death-dealing KKK in 1926, and tells how she laid the groundwork for medical sterilization of tens of thousands in 1927. 

In 1948, Planned Parenthood provided the seed money to develop the birth control pill, and across the decades, Planned Parenthood has led the pack in legalizing birth control of all sorts and deceptively painting birth control pills as safe and non-abortifacient. Planned Parenthood was the catalyst in decriminalizing abortion. And since that “right” to abortion has been set aside, PP has led the charge in orchestrating “work-arounds” to skirt and eliminate laws that would limit or ban abortion. 

Much has been written in recent months about Planned Parenthood’s reliance on the abortion pill to expand abortion leading up to the Dobbs decision, enabling the skirting of local laws against abortion. Our analysis of PPFA’s latest annual report shows it decreased 15 of 20 listed services. During the same period, PP posted a record number of abortions, with the lion’s share attributable to abortion pills.

After championing the removal of FDA safeguards to protect women and girls from the deadly abortion pills during the COVID pandemic, PP now advises on its website that abortion pills are safe and effective and can be obtained at Planned Parenthood and elsewhere via telehealth and mailed to your house depending on what state you live in. 

It then links to an external website that advises how and where to get the pills, including information about ordering from overseas sources that will mail the pills to any state in the United States regardless of the legal requirements of that state, without prescriptions or medical advice. 

This brings us to the latest of PP’s shady and dangerous strategies to work around abortion restrictions—mobile “clinics” in vans. Planned Parenthood announced that it will deploy its first abortion facility on wheels this month, when it sends its abortion van out in Illinois to dispense abortion pills to kill babies up to 11 weeks’ gestation, with plans to commit surgical van-based abortions on older babies in the near future. The reason for the van? To work around abortion-restrictive laws in neighboring states. According to NPR coverage, Planned Parenthood will determine the routes it will follow by “reviewing data to determine where patients are coming from and looking at healthcare facilities, churches, and other locations as potential stopping-off points.” Imagine, going to your local church to kill your baby. What will they think of next?

Well, let me answer that question. Planned Parenthood is partnering with Dr. Esgar Guarin to provide vasectomies in November across two states. Guarin, an activist for vasectomies, will start out his de-fathering tour at three Planned Parenthood facilities in Missouri, where he will do 60 vasectomies inside and outside the facilities before heading across Iowa in a van decorated with large sperm and dubbed “The Nutcracker” to perform more mobile vasectomies. The stunt is done in conjunction with World Vasectomy Day. An ABC News report points to a perceived urgency in getting vasectomies after the Dobbs ruling set aside the constitutional right to abortion. 

The report goes on to quote a truck driver who will reluctantly take advantage of the opportunity to get a free vasectomy because “it is the right ethical choice” for him since he does not want to “thrust the responsibility of birth control on partners anymore” with today’s crunch in abortion availability. The 31-year-old said he has been “priced out” of having children because of the expense involved. But hey, vasectomies are free at the Nutcracker van.

Planned Parenthood’s end game is destruction of the family. It is a tool in the arsenal of evil, and it knows no limits. The children it can’t kill before birth, it works tirelessly to corrupt and lead into sin. Welcome to the lawless, fatherless world of Planned Parenthood where mothers and fathers are led to fear and hate children because of their cost and inconvenience. Where adults believe that impeding their ability to have children is “the ethical thing to do.” We must double down on prayer and fasting to overcome the evil that is Planned Parenthood. Marriage is the cradle of life, the cradle of the Church. Planned Parenthood must be stopped from robbing and destroying the cradle.