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ALL Mobilizes Pro-Life Youth and Protects Them from Perverted Education

American Life League kicked off National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week with a bang. Photos of pro-life youth completing tasks for the annual photo challenge have been pouring in. Roll Call picked up on the Congressional photo challenge-bonus task #500-and interviewed ALL’s NPLTW project manager Rey Flores in the process.

The Cookie Wars Get Traction, but Will It Last?

It’s about more than just cookies. It’s about a way of life a disturbing move toward immorality that many are turning a blind eye to. Some people embrace this. Many merely accept it. Just as a broken cookie crumbles, so will our country if we do not make changes and repair all that has gone wrong. So what can we do? Today’s commentary explains.

Wishing You a Filthy New Year?

It is that time of year to evaluate your life, to examine behaviors, and to determine how to make the next year better. Today’s commentary shows us how Planned Parenthood plans to spend its next year and future years. Are you committed to making the world a better place or to merely watching what happens in the world? How will you resolve to act this coming year?

Latinos: In the Crosshairs of Planned Parenthood

By Rey Flores
As the overall battle for life is intensifying in our country, especially in the states of New York, Texas, and Wisconsin, now is the time to strategically organize ourselves as pro-lifers in a truly cohesive manner.