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The Scandal Planned Parenthood REALLY Wants You to Forget

By Christopher M. Reilly

We sure do have short memories.

The current scandal about Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of aborted babies is explosive. The Center for Medical Progress has done a terrific job of capturing the offenses on video.

Yet the scandal is not entirely new. In the early 1980s, Judie Brown and American Life League exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts using the technology of the times. We did so again in 1999, and again in 2000, when we added our voice to the great undercover audio recordings done by Life Dynamics, Inc.

So what is different this time?

As our television and online media outlets well know, a scandal is only as timely and explosive as the emotional outrage that it produces. Slow-burning rage and passion for the sanctity of life fuel the lifelong activists within the pro-life movement, but it is the surprised, sudden emotional outbursts that get the attention of media outlets and their advertisers.

FOX News and others will milk this scandal for all the attention they can get. Hopeful pro-lifers will devote countless hours of communicating, protesting, and signing petitions to force their reluctant politicians to take real action against Planned Parenthood.

I’m somewhat hopeful too. We may, in fact, manage to significantly interfere with Planned Parenthood’s abortion and contraception business. Such an accomplishment will be worthy of celebrating.

But Planned Parenthood has a longer-term plan—a nefarious plan.

It is significant and sobering that it takes a wildly diabolical and possibly criminal activity—caught in visual recordings of conversations over lunch about chopping up babies, selectively crushing them, and then selling them while dreaming of buying Lamborghinis—to even get our society to pay SOME attention to Planned Parenthood. In the meantime, Planned Parenthood knows that it will have little resistance in actively training an entire generation of our children to be sex-crazed, perverse, and incapable of imagining the moral devastation that they will leave in their wake.

Forget the drama of the current adult generation. Planned Parenthood intends to OWN our children.

Planned Parenthood’s strategy for achieving this is to become actively involved in the curriculums and even in the teaching of our children in our public schools. The public school sex education curriculum is currently dominated by Planned Parenthood and its allies, who receive hundreds of millions of government dollars through Obamacare.

Teaching? Schools? Raising an entire generation of sex addicts?

The response from the public should be an agonized outcry, yet it is merely a wide yawn. Besides, shouldn’t the prudish, anti-sex conservatives take a lesson from the past few decades and stay out of individuals’ bedrooms?

My rhetorical answer is to point to the devastation our society has already experienced: Caitlyn’s expansive selfishness, the Supreme Court’s complete distortion of the law so it can force gay marriage on everyone, transgender or cross-dressing children turning entire communities upside down with their decisions on which bathrooms to use, the epidemic of single mothers, Kim Kardashian’s enthusiastic comments in the media that seem to support customizing the gender and other characteristics of babies while killing those who don’t fit the bill, and a culture that has largely dismissed God and religion primarily because the mirage of unrestrained sexual activity without consequences is preferred over the humble truths of family and commitment.

But this rhetorical answer doesn’t get us very far. American citizens love to be told (by their “friends” in the mass media) that they are independent, highly-evolved thinkers who can reason through any moral question in the blink of an eye. They simply don’t have time for boring rational arguments.

Perhaps the public will react to the shocking images distributed as “educational” literature to our young students? After all, these materials are very graphic and explicitly promote—and give step-by-step instructions for—the broadest range possible of sexual and gender-bending activity. Just a quick perusal of the few examples given on the website will leave you boiling mad.

Yet there’s a real dilemma for pro-lifers. Most decent and sensitive people really don’t want to look at such images. They don’t want the images described to them. They don’t even want to imagine that such images exist.

Does this sound familiar? Just as photos of aborted babies make most people squeamish, the public and the media resist any communication that accurately describes Planned Parenthood’s perverse agenda in sexual education.

So there won’t be any publicity, and there won’t be a widespread scandal as long as we assume that the public will invest its energies and bravely agree to being exposed to the highly offensive literature and tactics of Planned Parenthood’s sex education initiative.

Our efforts in exposing the evils of Planned Parenthood in the public schools will only be successful when we’re ready to get radical—when we’re ready to invest substantial sums of money into well-researched undercover videos, detailed and comprehensive reports on the money trail, and a public relations campaign that rivals the sophistication of a presidential candidate’s campaign.

Until then, we may win battles. But the ultimate victory will elude us as long as we abandon our children to Planned Parenthood’s Godless and profoundly dissatisfying rebellion of pride against the natural law.

Christopher M. Reilly is director of external relations at American Life League.