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STOPP International

Find out why Planned Parenthood must be stopped!

The following information is provided to assist you in educating your schools on the realities of Planned Parenthood.

Reference Materials



National Freedom of Information Coalition
How to request information about Planned Parenthood’s contracts with your school district, hospital board, and other public agencies.

Parent Power!! How Parents Can Gain Control of the School Systems that Educate Their Children
Written by Jim Sedlak, STOPP’s founder and executive director. Outlines the ways in which Planned Parenthood threatens our children and gives valuable counsel. This is available for free download here in our store.

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality
Guidelines for education within the family from the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Family.

Stop Planned Parenthood DVD sets

A power-packed series of workshops to help you in your community. To purchase this DVD set, visit our pro-life store.

More resource pamphlets

  • Planned Parenthood exploits teens ( Download Now )
    Solid guidance helps young people know the truth and avoid Planned Parenthood.
  • Why do we oppose Planned Parenthood? ( Download Now )
    Learn why this organization’s agenda is harmful to individuals and society.
  • Who was Margaret Sanger? ( Download Now)
    This brief biography traces the development of today’s abortion industry to Planned Parenthood’s founder.
  • Planned Parenthood steals souls Download Now )
    Planned Parenthood sells sex, and why.
  • Emergency contraception ( Download Now )
    Get the answers to your questions about the “morning-after” pill.

Additional resources for understanding:

  • Humanist manifestos I and II
    What are they planning for your future? Here’s the humanist agenda, which Planned Parenthood strongly supports.
  • “For Teens”
    Planned Parenthood’s highly objectionable website for teens



Building a solid wall of resistance to Planned Parenthood