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Judie Brown Commentary WebsiteArrowCommentary

Judie Brown is one of the most respected pro-life leaders in the world. Her commentaries have educated and inspired millions worldwide. Each week, you read her candid insights on every facet of defending life and the faith.


Week in Review WebsiteArrowReview

News outlets report what is happening (some better than others). ALL goes beyond the news to explain what it means and why it matters. Join our public policy team here each week.


ALL in the News WebsiteArrowNews

American Life League’s experts, leadership team, and research are sought ought by the media, and are integral in the pro-life movement. Check in each week to see how we are doing in speaking for you!


Pro-Life Social Media WebsiteArrowSocialMedia

Worldwide Facebook users now total over 835 million, Twitter generates one billion “tweets” every five days, and YouTube has one billion visitors monthly. Get the latest in pro-life social media here.


Featured Video WebsiteArrowVideo

Take a few minutes to get inspired, educated, or activated: The impact of online video as a new media channel is exploding. We select a short video you will not want to miss.


Action Item of the Week WebsiteArrowAction

The bad guys want to convince you that nothing you do matters. Reject that lie and find out each week how anyone—including you—with just a little action can make such a huge difference!