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Pro-Life This Week May 31, 2024

Week in Review

Alternatives for Girls Receives a Rating Update on Charity Watchlist

The following article is an update from ALL’s research department: 

Within the last week, American Life League’s research department discovered more information on Alternatives for Girls, a charity featured on ALL’s Charity Watchlist. Alternatives for Girls is a Detroit-based charity that supports girls and young women experiencing homelessness. It helps them escape dangerous situations through education programs and material assistance. When ALL first researched the organization, it found that AFG has a “Prevention program,” which includes the term “pregnancy prevention.” Due to the perverted sex education that is rampant in our culture, the phrasing of “pregnancy prevention” for teenage girls raised alarms immediately. However, ALL was unable to find more about this program at the time, so the organization earned a temporary “yellow” or “caution” status on the Charity Watchlist until we learned more.

After a recent revisit to the organization’s website and a chat exchange, American Life League’s research team confirmed that the organization provides condoms and literature on abortion and contraception to girls and has had affiliations with Planned Parenthood. The first finding that tipped us off to the program was an archived blog post from 2013 on AFG’s website, which featured a write-up on all the services AFG’s “New Choices” program provided at the time. The blogger wrote, “From the clothing closet to condom packets, with daily transportation, hot lunches, and shower and laundry facilities-New Choices participants receive a lot of services!” (emphasis added) 

This prompted American Life League to attempt contact again with AFG through a chat messenger feature on its website. ALL asked AFG if the organization teaches or provides information on contraception and abortion in its Prevention program. The staff member replied, “Yes, we do have pamphlet and educational materials as well as condoms.” This admission confirmed that the organization has and continues to be involved in promoting contraception (and potentially abortion) to young women in need. 

In addition to these findings, ALL took a closer look into the “Role Model” list it published in 2020 (this was not made available again on its website until 2024). ALL discovered that AFG named Carol Goss one of its role models of the year in 2018. Carol Goss was and is still listed as a board member for Planned Parenthood of Michigan. If condoms and Planned Parenthood members are the “answers” for AFG as it assists girls and teens as they battle homelessness, then this organization is not worthy to be supported by pro-lifers. 

Due to these unfortunate findings, ALL has officially updated the status of Alternatives for Girls to the “red” list of charities. To read more about AFG as well as other charities you may want to know about, please visit our website.

State Abortion Initiatives Receive Response from Marian Blue Wave

The Marian Blue Wave continues to be a source of hope for pro-lifers around the world! Between our online and mail-in sign-ups, we have just about 10,000 Catholics praying a rosary once a week for an end to abortion, and the number grows every day! 

There are an increasing number of concerns I hear about from our prayer partners, but the primary concern is the ballot initiatives that will reach several states this November, seeking to enshrine abortion into a state’s constitution. 

Just this week we spoke with a supporter who is concerned about Florida’s ballot initiative this November. 

Planned Parenthood and its goons funnel millions upon millions of dollars into these state funds seeking to pass these ballot initiatives. The reality is that we will always be outspent by the pro-aborts, but we have something they don’t—prayer and truth!

It’s easy to become discouraged in this culture of death, but that’s exactly what they want. Be not afraid! 

Our Marian Blue Wave solicited targeted prayers for states with “mega” Planned Parenthood facilities in 2021. This summer, the MBW will focus on a similar campaign. We will blanket with prayers the states that have these evil ballot initiatives. 

Continue to pray daily for an end to abortion. Pray for our leaders to have the courage to stand up for the sacredness of all human life. Support pro-life groups—local and national—for the work they do to change the hearts and minds of our young people. 

And on particularly hard days, remember that there are 10,000 rosaries being prayed every week for an end to abortion. That’s half a million every year! 

Do not lose hope! Our Lady of Life, pray for us!

ALL in the News

Ed Martin, director of Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP), was invited to be a guest on the show Vocal Point. Ed discussed ALL’s deep dive into the Planned Parenthood annual report. Listen to the show here.

Susan Ciancio, editor of Celebrate Life Magazine and director of the Culture of Life Studies Program (a pre-K-12 pro-life education program for homes and schools), wrote a blog on joy and the impact that being grateful can have on our faith life. She also wrote an op-ed about speaker and writer Chris Stefanick. It was featured on the Catholic World Report.

Twice a week, Judie’s commentaries are distributed to an expansive media list. The list contains over 100 media outlets such as Fox News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and The Daily Caller, among others. Judie’s commentaries are each featured on the front page of 

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Planned Parenthood’s Meme Is Such a Failure That PP Locks Down Comments

Despite Planned Parenthood’s many recent successes—rising abortion numbers, increased government funding, record-breaking donations—it fails at being humorous. Turns out, there’s nothing funny about murdering children. But that won’t stop Planned Parenthood’s linguistic malpractice of equating butchered babies to “healthcare.” 

Healthcare in its proper meaning is the effort to restore or maintain someone’s medical well-being. Abortion murders a human being. Therefore, abortion is the OPPOSITE of healthcare, and Planned Parenthood is the OPPOSITE of anything funny.

You can’t reason with Planned Parenthood.