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Supreme Court Nominee and Planned Parenthood’s New ‘Experience’

The week, President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court of the United States. Garland is a former law clerk for Supreme Court justice William Brennan—one of the justices who voted in favor of the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. That decision, of course, invented a constitutional right for women to be able to kill their preborn children.

If confirmed, Garland would replace recently deceased Antonin Scalia—a strong defender of the real Constitution. Garland would be expected to swing the court even further to ensure support for Obama and the whole anti-life agenda. Cecile Richards, president of the nation’s largest abortion chain, was excited about the nomination and said, “Judge Garland is ​an intelligent, highly accomplished judge who has secured bipartisan support in his previous appointments.” That alone should tell you where this judge stands on abortion.

Republican senators in Congress have vowed not to vote for any Obama candidate until after this year’s elections. The forces of the culture of death are crying foul over this decision and are demanding the Senate vote on Garland’s nomination. One of the interesting ironies to arise in this debate is that Vice President Biden is among those calling for an immediate vote. Yet, when he was a Democratic senator with a Republican president back in 1992, there was an opening on the Supreme Court. Biden spoke out at that time saying that the Senate should wait until after the elections to vote on any Supreme Court nominee. Clearly, where you stand on this question depends on the political realities of the time.

Being supporters of the culture of life, and not wanting to see another pro-death justice, we encourage all of our readers to tell their senators to keep their promise and not vote on any candidate until after the upcoming elections.

In other news this week, Planned Parenthood’s new five-year plan to “improve its employee and patient experience” is becoming public. Planned Parenthood, which has suffered a loss of half-a-million customers a year in the last four years, is desperate to attract new customers and keep existing ones. So, it is working with design firms and other specialists to revamp its offices, its employee morale, and is paperwork process to give its customers a more pleasant experience. ALL vice president, Jim Sedlak, observed in a commentary released this week that it really doesn’t matter what Planned Parenthood tries to do.

His message to the largest abortion chain in the nation: “We have a better idea for Planned Parenthood. Close down all your facilities now. It will save all of us a lot of time and money and you’ll make 300,000 babies a year, and their mothers, very happy.”