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States Take Positive Action, While Planned Parenthood Practices Its Sex Trade

States are fighting back against attempts by the Obama administration to force them to fund Planned Parenthood. Just weeks ago, the administration sent letters to all 50 states warning them that cutting the Medicaid funds that are going to Planned Parenthood is illegal. But some states refuse to listen. They believe they have a duty to protect against the wasteful and fraudulent use of taxpayer money.

Kansas issued the order to stop giving Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood, and PP is taking the state to court to try to get the funds back. It has been successful in court challenges in other states, but still more states continue to say no to the Planned Parenthood bully.

In a separate effort, Oklahoma made public its plans to cut off all Medicaid funds to the two Planned Parenthood affiliates in the state. Those affiliates are Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland. Back in February, the state notified the affiliates that the money would be shut off on June 29, 2016. It is now making this public so that customers who use Planned Parenthood will have sufficient time to find new providers.

On another front, a June 14 legal hearing has been scheduled in a court in Indiana. Planned Parenthood has brought suit seeking an injunction to stop the implementation of a new Indiana law that would prevent the abortion of a child simply because of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome or other abnormality. The law would also prohibit an abortion simply because the child is a gender (boy or girl) that the mother does not want. This is just more evidence that Planned Parenthood has never met an abortion it doesn’t like.

According to published reports, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte and 31 other Planned Parenthood centers in 10 states—California, Colorado, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Vermont, and Washington—offer hormone treatments for individuals wishing to change their gender. PPMM’s Tumblr account described “an increasing number of Planned Parenthood health centers” that offer transgender hormone treatment services. The treatments reportedly cost $1,500 a year for three years. Individuals under the age of 18 need only present Planned Parenthood with a “consent for services” form signed by their parent or guardian.  Looks like another profit-making scheme for this organization that routinely makes over $50 million in profit every year.