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Remain Aware as Planned Parenthood Creates New Sex Ed Initiatives

Final update on the Charlie Gard tragedy: Charlie died after his ventilator was removed in hospice. American Life League’s Judie Brown issued the following statement: “ALL mourns the death of baby Charlie Gard, realizing that he was literally put to death by medical professionals who would not even allow his parents to take him home and care for him. We pray for his parents and pray for mercy for those who do not see the value and dignity of every human being’s life, born and preborn.”

In addition, ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program released a special analysis of the situation entitled “Answering Your Teen’s Questions about Charlie Gard.” We recommend that you read this outstanding article, as it will put things in perspective for your teens and anyone else who wants to better understand the science and morality behind making the kinds of decisions that must be dealt with in these types of circumstances.

Many of our readers responded to last week’s action item and today we sent a petition, signed by 221 of you, to Secretary Tom Price at the Department of Health and Human Services. This petition asks that his department approve the Medicaid waiver that will allow Texas to receive Medicaid funds while keeping Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from receiving any of the money. We are cautiously optimistic that this waiver will be approved and that other states will ask for the same.

Remain alert for new forms of sex education in your community. As the Trump administration continues its dismantling of Obamacare sex ed programs (Personal Responsibility Education Programs [PREP], Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program [TPPP], and others), Planned Parenthood is working to push its perverted agenda in other ways. A recent story highlighted how Planned Parenthood of New York City is working with Parsons—a design school at The New School: A Progressive University in NYC—to engage dozens of artists to create a “SexEd” initiative that “aims to raise sex education from the trenches, into the streets and eventually the schools—through artist and community collaborations, workshops, exhibitions, and publications of curriculum the U.S. has never dared to try.”

Using sexuality programs to ensnare our children in lives of sexual sin has always been a basic goal of Planned Parenthood. Expect all kinds of devious programs to pop up across the country as Planned Parenthood regroups from the Obama years.