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Planned Parenthood and FBI; in West Virginia; a Waco Abortuary

Hopes of pro-lifers were raised this week as it was made public that the FBI has requested unredacted copies of the information the Senate Judiciary Committee collected in its investigation of Planned Parenthood and the baby body parts industry. At the conclusion of the investigation, the Senate committee sent a formal referral to the FBI asking it to review the evidence for possible criminal activity. Although the FBI does not comment on whether or not any particular investigation is going on, the request for the thousands of documents is a strong indicator that one is.

Any of you who read the lead story in last week’s Wednesday STOPP Report, “Why Is Planned Parenthood Doing That?”, understand that Planned Parenthood is desperately trying to be seen as an altruistic organization in order to gain support for its political candidates in 2018. This week, another PP Generation Action group has joined the effort. According to published reports, PP Generation Action and PP South Atlantic are spearheading a new student group on the West Virginia University campus. The new group is called Unite for IX, with the intent to “bring more awareness to sexual harassment on campus and join forces with others in the community, in order to make the institution a safer place.” The effort is stated to be a response to more and more stories on sexual harassment and sexual assault in Hollywood. It is a bit ironic that Planned Parenthood is trying to score points by heading this effort when much of its literature and school presentations can be defined as sexual harassment of children.

Planned Parenthood Experience has opened another new facility. For the last year consultants told Planned Parenthood that it is losing customers because its facilities are not pretty enough, so PP launched the PP Experience to spend millions of dollars to upgrade its centers. The latest opening of one of these new facilities will take place in Waco, Texas, where PP is moving from an old building in downtown Waco to a brand new 9,000 square foot building on Highway 6–a major thoroughfare. In commenting on the new building, Kris Olsen of Planned Parenthood told reporters:

The facility embodies the respect that all of our staff and all of our supporters have for our patients. That’s why we exist. For them to see a facility that says, “You’re worthy of this. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you can or can’t pay, you have the dignity of a human being and deserve to be in a space that is this beautiful.”