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Death, Victory, Loophole, Surgery, and Pleasure This Week

We begin our newsletter this week by asking you to pray for the soul of the preborn child of a teenage girl. That girl is an illegal immigrant to the United States who is in federal custody. This week, at the girl’s request, and under a court order—yet over the strenuous objections of the Trump administration—she had her baby killed by surgical abortion. Please also pray for the girl, as she will likely suffer from the aftermath of this ordeal. Groups like Planned Parenthood celebrated the death of this child in the womb. Our entire nation needs prayer for conversion.

In other news, the American Center for Law and Justice reported this week that, after a five-year-long lawsuit against the IRS, the bureaucratic agency admitted in federal court to wrongfully targeting the Tea Party and conservative groups for their political beliefs and issued an apology. ACLJ said that, in the proposed Consent Order filed late Wednesday night, the IRS not only acknowledges the Obama administration‘s wrongdoing, it consents to a court order barring it from ever taking such discriminatory action against conservative groups again. This is an unprecedented victory, and one of the biggest the ACLJ ever obtained.

The Washington Times reported this week that abortionists are using a loophole in funding legislation to get federal money to pay for the construction of abortion facilities. According to published reports, some politicians say they have spotted a loophole in which tax-free municipal bonds have been used to put federal cash on the line in order to help build abortion clinics—including Planned Parenthood’s headquarters in New York. Opponents are referring to these as “abortion bonds.” According to the Times article, “Congressional investigators and pro-life groups say Planned Parenthood clinics in Illinois, Florida and in the Upper Midwest used bonds issued by local authorities and backed by the federal tax exemption to fund construction.” There is currently work in Congress to pass legislation to prohibit this “abortion bond” financing.

The New York Times printed an incredible story and a picture this week about spina bifida surgery on a preborn 26-week-old baby. As part of the description, the Times reporter wrote:

The surgeons had made a wide incision in the mother’s lower abdomen, gently lifted out her uterus—still attached internally—and made two tiny, 4-millimeter slits. In one, they inserted a “fetoscope,” a small telescope fitted with a camera, light and grasping tool. The second slit was for other miniature instruments.

Lit from within, the uterus glowed, red and magical in the darkened room.

It is absolutely incredible that, although various kinds of surgery are performed on preborn children all the time, diehard pro-abortionists still maintain their claim that these babies are not human and can be destroyed according to the whim of their mothers.

Finally, Dawn Laguens, EVP/chief experience officer of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, says Planned Parenthood is staying true to the “big idea” behind its brand to ensure that it remains strong and relevant during a time of rising political pressure. What is that “big idea”? Laguens says: “Actually, Planned Parenthood is a big idea that your body and your pleasure is your own. And that’s been the idea for 100 years. Sadly, we are still fighting for it.” You read it. Pleasure, not healthcare. That’s PP’s “underlying mission.” Planned Parenthood . . . Pleasure. No matter what.