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Abortionists Show Their Stripes; Trump Begins to Dismantle Obamacare

This week, Operation Rescue broke the news that Nebraska’s late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart has secured a new office in Bethesda, Maryland, and plans to continue conducting abortions on babies throughout all nine months of pregnancy. The new abortion facility, which goes by the name, Inc. is located in a multi-tenant medical building at 10401 Old Georgetown Road Suite 104, Bethesda, MD 20814. Carhart is one of the most notorious late-term abortionists in the nation. He was forced to relocate after the Maryland Coalition for Life bought and closed Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, Maryland, where he previously worked as an independent contractor.

Operation Rescue director, Troy Newman, revealed that during the nearly seven years Carhart conducted late-term abortions in Germantown, at least 10 women were rushed to hospital emergency rooms by ambulance because of life-threatening complications resulting from risky abortion procedures. One woman, Jennifer Morbelli, died from complications of a 33-week abortion. Carhart has no admitting privileges at any hospital and hasn’t since 1982.

In Ohio this week, the abortion industry, led by NARAL and Planned Parenthood, testified against the state’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act. In doing so, the abortionists demanded that they have the legal right to kill babies in the womb for any reason—even for having a genetic abnormality. This is just another example of what is really important to these murderers. They care about the money they make from abortions—no matter what.

The group Centers for Community Change held an event this week during which it honored Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, with its Change Champion Award. According to CCC, the Community Change Champion Awards were created to “recognize the people and organizations whose work is making progress toward social justice a reality.” Of course, Richards runs the largest abortion chain in America and kills over 328,000 babies a year. According to published reports, the search engine company Google donated $25,000 to the event, which was called “Heroes on the Front Lines of Resistance.”

Last Friday, President Trump signed an executive order eliminating the Obamacare contraceptive mandate for any nonprofit group, non-publicly traded company, or higher education institution with religious or moral objections—and making the third-party provision optional for groups with “sincerely held” religious beliefs. The change is effective immediately.

In addition, yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order knocking down part of Obamacare by making it easier for people to get cheaper health insurance plans. Trump’s order is “aimed at letting small businesses band together across state lines to buy cheaper, less regulated health plans for their employees with fewer benefits,” according to Reuters. After being stalled by the inaction of the Congress to make any meaningful change to Obamacare, the president has obviously decided to use his executive powers to begin making significant changes to Obamacare and fulfill a major campaign promise. Surprisingly, even the The Huffington Post, while opposing the move, admitted that “the new, less regulated insurance plans could provide an attractive alternative to consumers who don’t expect to have large medical bills and who are frustrated with the high premiums they pay for policies today.” This new policy will take a couple of months to implement.

With two executive orders within a week that strike at some of the core pieces of Obamacare, the president has shown that he will not sit by and do nothing. It is time for Congress to be as bold as the president and give the American people what we voted for.