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European Pill Pushers Sue FDA for DIY Abortions

  • Daily News
  • 3 min read

By Shaun Kenney

We are all used to a handful of oxymorons in the world. Some are funnier than others; others are just plain tragic:

Act naturally
Military intelligence
Open secrets
Antiques made daily
Airline food
Abortion doctor

Yet that’s precisely how National Public Radio chose to cage this European abortionist whose hatred for all things American extends even to our babies—at least, insofar as she can turn a dime on the exchange:

Gomperts uses telemedicine to consult with patients online, writes a prescription and provides instructions on how to request the medication from an exporter in India, Hearn said. The pills are then shipped to patients’ homes.

In March, the FDA issued a warning letter accusing Aid Access of violating federal law by misbranding and facilitating the improper distribution of the drugs. The letter said that “the sale of misbranded and unapproved new drugs poses an inherent risk to consumers who purchase those products.” The agency ordered Aid Access to stop distributing the medications in the United States or face repercussions, including the seizure of the drugs, without notice.

Gomperts stopped prescribing the medications to U.S. patients for about two months, from roughly mid-March to mid-May, before resuming, according to her attorney.

Obviously, this has precious little to do with abortion, according to the FDA.  In short, if you’re going to send controlled substances through the mail, make sure what you sell is what you send—and make absolutely sure it conforms to federal law.

More alarming to the rest of us is the very idea that someone can obtain “medication” online with a virtual doctor. Beyond being absolutely deadly to babies, mifepristone and misoprostol aren’t safe for mothers by a long shot. Twenty-four known deaths have been attributed to the abortion-inducing drugs since the abortion drug was legalized in 2000.  Unfortunately, the number could be much higher, as many healthcare practitioners are not compelled to volunteer the causes of death due to mifepristone or misoprostol to the FDA. 

The FDA response to the pending lawsuit was predictably terse: “FDA remains very concerned about the sale of unapproved mifepristone for medical termination of early pregnancy on the Internet or via other channels for illegal importation, because this bypasses important safeguards designed to protect women’s health.”

So once again, we are treated to a view of the dark underbelly of the abortion industry. It was never about women, and certainly not about health, but always about one thing and one thing only: dead babies. More dead babies equals more profit. 

More profit? More political power to expand the myth of “choice” to women who are often bullied into abortion by society, friends, family, abusive boyfriends or husbands, and most of all by a culture that demands fidelity to self over self-giving.

Of course, the courageous thing for the Trump administration to do would be to ban the entire practice of trafficking in abortion wholesale. Abortion-inducing drugs are not safe for women and are absolutely lethal to babies. Let Planned Parenthood come into federal court and defend its practice of pushing the envelope on abortion. After all, we are not talking about buying Pez online; we are talking about a fatal drug that is guaranteed to kill one person and comes very close to killing his mother.  

Meanwhile, perhaps the FDA (or someone else) needs to engage the services of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and look up the federal code on the penalties for diverting controlled substances online

Time to up the stakes on “do it yourself” abortions.