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Abortion Is Not Funny

  • Daily News
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By Susan Ciancio

This weekend, we remembered the Feast of the Holy Innocents. The Holy Innocents were baby boys under the age of two whom King Herod ordered to be killed after he learned that Baby Jesus was born. Herod felt so threatened by Jesus that he couldn’t stand to let any baby boy within that age range continue to live. This infanticide still shocks and saddens us today, and this weekend we prayed for their souls.

Yet, we can’t help but think of the holy innocents of our day—the 2,900 babies killed every day in the US through decriminalized abortion. We must also pray for their souls and for the souls of everyone involved in the abortion industry.

It is truly heartbreaking to think of these tiny innocent babies losing their lives at the cruel hands of an abortionist. That is why we work so hard to protect these babies and to build a culture of life where people will one day see abortion for the evil that it is.

But there are some who do not understand this heartbreak or see this sadness, even though they have witnessed the evil firsthand. Indeed, there are some who laugh when children die.

Recently, comedian Michelle Wolf took blasphemy and poor taste to a new level with her stand-up routine on the Netflix comedy entitled Joke Show. In front of what seems like a very receptive audience, Michelle talks about her abortion. No, she doesn’t just talk about it; she brags about it. And laughs about it. All the while eliciting laughter from the audience. It’s sickening.

In this clip, Michelle says: “You can feel any way you want after you get an abortion. Get one! See how you feel.” She laughs. The audience laughs.

She continues: “You know how my abortion made me feel? Very powerful. You know how people say you can’t play God?” She pauses so the audience can clap, holler, and laugh. “I walked out of there being like ‘Move over Morgan Freeman [he played God in Bruce Almighty and its sequel]. I am God!’”

Her routine was truly heartbreaking and disgusting to watch. In fact, I’m not sure which was more disgusting—Michelle talking about it or the audience laughing.

As she spoke, I could almost feel the nails being pounded deeper into Christ’s flesh. How her words must have hurt Him. How sad He must feel to have His daughter talk so cavalierly about killing one of His children.

Yet we know that, in His infinite mercy, God desires her to be with Him. He loves her, just as He loves the baby she killed. And only God knows her heart. Maybe she is hurting terribly. We will never know. We can only pray for her and for the baby she killed.

But what I do know is that, as a society, we have to say enough is enough. We have to stand up for what is right, for what is moral, and for the babies who cannot speak for themselves. We cannot stop fighting to protect babies. And we certainly cannot laugh about killing them. 

Michelle opened the abortion discussion with the words: “We don’t talk about abortion in a real way.” But I want to close with them—and with this real image. How about this, Michelle? During a vacuum aspiration abortion, a real-life and very much alive baby is sucked out of the womb piece by piece. Arms are ripped off. Legs are ripped from the torso. Blood spurts. I imagine the baby screams until he dies. And when it’s over, the abortionist must put the baby together like a jigsaw puzzle to make sure all the body parts are accounted for and nothing is left in the mother.

A live and unrepeatable human being has been killed. And in an extremely violent manner.

That is talking about abortion in a real way. And it’s not funny.

image: via Flickr | CC-2.0