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Donald Trump: A Pro-Life President?

By Hugh Brown

President Trump comes across as a tough guy. He means what he says, and he says what he means, and he clearly does not care what others think. The president campaigned and was elected as a pro-life American. He has championed the idea of completely defunding Planned Parenthood of all taxpayer dollars. The American people should not have our tax dollars used to fund the world’s leading abortion provider—a provider that also happens to be one of the largest supporters and funders of Democratic political campaigns and candidates. It’s absurd. It’s gone on for decades because Americans are asleep at the wheel, and the political professionals of both parties either serve at the pleasure of Planned Parenthood or have no backbone to oppose the organization when it really matters.

A lack of spine and conviction is not the president’s issue.

So what is he waiting for? Well, the truth is that the president proposed defunding Planned Parenthood for one year in 2017 when he had a Republican House and Senate. The late John McCain voted against the president, and the bill was defeated.

While abortion is an evil that I believe can only be defeated through relentless effort, prayer, and fasting, defunding Planned Parenthood is perhaps a bit simpler.

America needs to elect pro-life men and women in the House and Senate who will gladly defund this beast of our hard-earned tax dollars. Should we pray about this issue? Of course!

As we near the starting gate for next year’s elections, let’s pray for candidates whom we can elect in the House and Senate who love and fear the Lord, who respect life, who respect the sanctity of marriage, and who will provide the president with the support he needs to once and for all defund the baby-slaughtering monster that calls itself Planned Parenthood.