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Tom Paine, Phone Home!

I delight in reading history and reminding myself of how man often ignores the obvious and thus repeats the mistakes of the past. Among those historical figures who was wise indeed, was Thomas Paine (1737-1809), who once wrote: "Society is produced by our wants and government by our wickedness. "

Well, his namesake has a web site which he arrogantly describes as providing common sense to the visitor. And there we find the outrageous column by Cristina Page which opens with the following comment:


Listen to the apocalyptic rhetoric of the religious right and you'll find an important theme emerge: The introduction of contraception, which permits people to have sex for fun, is bound up with all of society's ills, from the imagined breakdown of the family to an undocumented surge in crimes against children.


What is this woman smoking? There is a tragic breakdown in the family, and there is escalating abortion rates, teen promiscuity, et cetera … all traceable to birth control.

I have only quoted the first lines of this article, so you can imagine what the rest of the article tells the reader. Page is one of Planned Parenthood's biggest fans, which suggests to me that today's Tom Paine has no problem at all with the wickedness our government is subsidizing, especially when the money feeds the wants of our sexually saturated society.