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The Viciousness Beyond Genocide

By Judie Brown

Jason Morgan’s article exposing the murderous effect abortion is having on our nation and the world is beyond vivid. He has encapsulated the reality of killing the innocent in a vision that should be heart stopping, but after so many years, it hardly receives a yawn.

As Morgan sees it, “What makes the slaughter of the children different is the intent behind it.” And that is the crux of the matter. It is not merely how human beings murder that is so chilling, it is a combination of the decriminalized nature of the act and the laissez-faire attitude with which it occurs.

Today this is not a simple theory, it is a fact borne out by the situations we see all around us. Regardless of the latest flawed Supreme Court Dobbs decision, the problem is that for many people seeing is not believing. Recognizing the preborn baby as a human being matters not to the abortion ravenous. Their callous disregard for innocent people we observe playing out in our neighborhoods and communities every day has hardened the hearts of far too many.

Clearly “the stringent polarization and toxicity of our times, along with the temptation to view everything as a salvo in an ever-hotter culture war” has paved the way to the inhumanity our fellow citizens fail to observe in our midst. The examples of this callousness are all around us.

As an example, we need look no further than California where Governor Gavin Newsom has launched a new website that “provides people—both inside and outside of California—with information about how, where and when to access abortion services.”

Newsom has also rented billboards in so-called red states that advertise the abortion biz in his state, claiming that California is the place to go if you are living somewhere where aborting children has been curtailed or banned.

Is this a manifestation of the devil in our midst or liberal politics as usual?

In Newsom’s twisted world—which every resident of California is subsidizing with their taxes—these abhorrent billboards are devilish in the messaging. One billboard states: “Want an abortion? California is ready to help.” Then beneath these words are the words of Mark 12:21: “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these.”

Not only is such a message antithetical to the bloody reality of aborting one’s child but it is also the most grievous crime against God than anyone can imagine, that is if you have not imbibed the deadly brew of the devil himself. Such blatant disregard for innocent persons smacks of Dante’s seventh circle of hell, where the violent who are guilty of crimes against their fellow humans and against God are condemned.

While Dante’s Inferno is a work of fiction, it is in a real sense a vivid word picture of the tragic condition of this nation today where babies are killed under the banner of choice and laws are created to protect violence paraded before us as part of a woman’s healthcare. Such twisted propaganda is not only actively promoted but at the same time imbibed without question by millions of people both in our nation and around the world.

Jason Morgan, whose article I quoted at the outset, observes in his concluding comments:

In struggling to fix a name to this unthinkable reality, I have begun to think of it as “sapiens eradication,” the attempt—soul by soul, mother by child—to do away with Homo sapiens in our entirety. This is not genocide. This is not killing this group, or that. This is the termination of our whole human family.

Or more succinctly, this is viciousness beyond genocide that is truly hell on earth.