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The Prenatal Border Wall: Where Is the Demand for Total Protection?

By Judie Brown

Much has been written about President Trump’s determination to obtain the funding he needs for the border wall. He is so committed to this that he has declared a national emergency.

The Democrats are pushing back, of course, led by pro-abortion “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi, who uses her Catholic identity to support her opposition to keeping illegal immigrants out of our nation, but who defies the Church by supporting abortion. The term for this is hypocrisy. And this is but one of the frustrations our most vulnerable citizens—the preborn—face daily.

Yes, it is all about the babies. Perhaps you did not realize it, but we have border problems right here INSIDE our border.

So, let’s think about the president’s push for border security in a different way. Focus on the security the preborn child should experience as long as he is growing within his own mother’s walls! These are the walls of the fallopian tube and the uterus, once thought to be safe places for little ones. After all, this is the place where a normal pregnancy exists.

But in America, such children are never secure within those walls because here it is legal to kill them before they are born.

And now perhaps, if the Democrats have their way, it will be legal to kill them as they are being born. On Monday of this week, the born-alive abortion survivor legislation fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance the bill in the Senate, and thus it failed.

On another front, two Ecuadorian brothers—illegal aliens—who were dealing in the sale of aborted baby body parts, were arrested by ICE. These two men

“owned and operated DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics, companies that contracted exclusively with Planned Parenthood of Orange County to receive aborted baby tissues and organs, which they trafficked overseas.”

Positively disgusting!

This brings us to several questions: Why don’t President Trump and Congress push forward in efforts to secure the prenatal borders in our own country? Why not press hard for legal protection for each and every preborn child in America, each of whom is an American citizen who is devalued and discarded because our laws do not protect them? Don’t these preborn human beings have the right to be protected and secured in the same way that the president is trying to protect you and me from illegal immigrants?

As Americans, we should demand total protection for every one of our own citizens, from the instant their lives begin onward.

As Catholics, we know that the Church teaches that

“human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person—among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.”

Furthermore, we know that, to be consistent, our nation should fight just as hard to secure the borders that protect our most vulnerable citizens—the preborn—as it fights to protect all of us from the threats that illegal immigration poses.

So why can’t we get it right? Rather than wondering, make it a point to ask President Trump and your members of Congress to work to assure border security for the preborn with as much vigor as they are working to protect us from the threats at the border posed by illegal immigrants. The Life at Conception Act is a very good start.

Our American preborn citizens deserve border protection!

Legal protection of human personhood for every human being from the moment he first exists would guarantee it.

We need prenatal border security now!

image: Steve Sawyer via Flickr | CC-2.0