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The Mark Crutcher Legacy

By Judie Brown

Mark Crutcher, that Texan with a twang in his voice, passed on to his eternal reward on March 9. His legacy, as exemplified by those who wrote of his life, encompasses a wide range of Christian principles beginning with his love of family, life, and the Lord. Mark was a so outraged by the consequences of abortion that he spent his life exposing, unearthing, articulating, and accurately reporting on the actions of our foes. In his book LIME 5, published in 1996, he detailed the horrors of the abortion industry, and he pulled no punches doing it.

I am sure Mark had no idea the impact his work would have given the fact that he was committed to undoing the abortion industry by hoisting it on its own petard, and he barely had time to sit on his laurels and admire what he had done.

Mark was the first to publicly provide documentation from the abortion industry on the price list they used in the marketing of various baby body parts. His report on this grisly business is characterized graphically in his words. He wrote that the baby body parts are “marketed like old car parts salvaged from the local junkyard.”

Mark also produced Maafa 21: Black Genocide in the 21st Century, a report that focused on the racist eugenics agenda of Planned Parenthood and its allies. Ten years after the publication of this report, we recalled the stunning findings of Crutcher and his team, writing:

The 144-minute documentary was written and directed by Crutcher after he and two Life Dynamics employees spent three years researching the subject. “Maafa” is Swahili for “a terrible tragedy,” and this word is used to define the time between the slave trade and 21st century. Crutcher and his colleagues chose the title Maafa 21 to indicate that the “Maafa” has not ended.

The film draws a correlation between the end of slavery and a move toward Nazi-like eugenics, forced sterilization, and birth control. It then turns to the rise of the civil rights movement and what he alleges was a corresponding shift toward legalized abortion.

Maafa 21 created a firestorm by exposing the ugly underbelly—the genocidal agenda—of abortion proponents, which he fittingly described as “racial targeting.” This is but one example of the remarkable work Crutcher and his organization did in the quest to bring down the abortion industry.

And Crutcher did not stop there. You can view the Life Dynamics expose on the tragic death of Marla Cardamone, a young woman whose abortion resulted in her death—one of many such atrocities that occur daily but which the mainstream media will not address. And while it is clear that today there are other organizations that are doing the same sort of reporting in an effort to get the truth about the abortion industry out to the public, there is only one man who blazed that trail. His name was Mark Crutcher, and he is a man who will be sorely missed.

It was an honor to have labored with him in the trenches striving to defend the innocent and the vulnerable. In his document entitled “The Pact,” he wrote about what the world would be like without a pro-life movement:

  • There would be abortion clinics in every mall and shopping center in the country
  • Every member of the medical community would be required to participate in abortion
  • Abortion would be the recognized medical “treatment” for every baby diagnosed as less than perfect

We thank God for Mark Crutcher and pray for the happy repose of his soul. It was an honor to have known him.