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Shallow Judge Jackson

By Judie Brown

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is a perfect SCOTUS choice coming from a rabidly pro-abortion commander-in-chief. Pro-life activist Hugh Brown, executive vice president of American Life League, says the judge’s failure to explain basic biology as it relates to when a human being’s life begins is a “big red flag” and should make it extremely clear for people to “understand who she is and what she stands for.”

Judge Jackson responded during the hearing held prior to her confirmation that she did not know when life begins. She also made stunning admissions on other topics, including the fact that she could not provide a definition for the word woman because, she laughed, “I am not a biologist.” If such responses sound a bit strange to you coming from a judge who is now being nominated to the Supreme Court, then you can see why I used the word shallow.

Calvin Freiburger took note of Jackson’s lack of depth, writing: “If we took her responses at face value, they would mean that she’s too scandalously ignorant to preside over traffic court, let alone the Supreme Court.”

Judge Jackson’s record on abortion caught Russell Shaw’s eye. Shaw is a respected Catholic author and commentator. He wrote of her,

Casting grave doubt on the faint hope that the new justice might be anything less than totally pro-choice was the ecstatic reaction of abortion rights groups to her nomination. Typical of the comments was the statement from NARAL Pro-Choice America, which hailed her “demonstrated record of defending” abortion rights. That includes co-authoring a brief supporting NARAL in a case that involved a Massachusetts law establishing a “buffer zone” around abortion clinics to keep pro-life protesters at bay.

His words are telling and instructive because they underline the fact that culture-of-death proponents like President Biden select only those individuals who reflect his disdain for life. Ideologues do this regardless of the murder and mayhem that will ensue.

According to news commentator Alexandra DeSanctis, Jackson “ruled against a Trump administration effort to limit federal funding flowing to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.” DeSanctis concluded: “As a Supreme Court justice, she will almost certainly be a guaranteed vote in favor of expansive abortion rights.”

DeSanctis’ words further confirm the reasons why pro-life Americans should not rely on judges and lawmakers to end the murderous practice of abortion. The direct taking of the life of an innocent baby no longer horrifies folks. It is as though motherhood has become a curse that in the bloodthirsty eyes of many can be easily terminated at will with nary a second thought to the death of the innocent little one.

The fundamental scientific facts of human embryology and fetology have been set aside, and rhetoric about choice has blurred the clarity of truth in the hearts and minds of so many of our fellow Americans. And yet the science does not lie.

It is a shame that Judge Jackson and her supporters, including the president of the United States, find it impossible to acknowledge the actual science. The question of when a human being begins is not a debate topic; it is scientifically provable.

But such inconvenient truths never stop the proponents of abortion. Their eyes reflect the shallowness of their desire to actually comprehend truth.