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Population Control – Lessons – Lesson 6

The theory behind population control relies on the theory of thought control. Create so may obstacles to the truth, that most people will prefer to believe “the Big Lie.” Until even really smart guys can’t tell the difference between…
. . . NONSENSE . . .
Letter from Gates Foundation
  1. The claim that two-thirds of the population is malnourished was originally made by the United Nations in 1950. It was proved to be false then, and continues to be false today1. Common sense says that men of substance who support claims without substance are soon parted from their money.
  2. According to United Nations data, over 80% of the world population is literate2. Common sense says that any claim that two-thirds of the world is uneducated is ridiculous.
  3. Children are taught skills in school. According to UN statistics, over 70% of children in India and over 95% of children in China attend primary and secondary schools3. Common sense says that if the kids don’t have the right skills, change the school program, don’t have fewer children.
  4. One last point. If the letter above is reflective of the “expert advice” you’re currently receiving, that provides at least a partial explanation for the course your foundation has so far been following. Common sense says you should stop listening to that nonsense.

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