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Planned Parenthood Horror Show Defines the Line between Sanity and Depravity

This past week has been bizarre. First we heard from Politico that the Obama Department of Justice was considering a probe of the Center for Medical Progress: “In response to a request by House Democrats, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday afternoon that Justice would ‘review all of the information and determine what the appropriate steps moving forward would be.’” CMP founder David Daleiden wasn’t phased at this news, saying in a statement: “They will attack me and my organization all day long, but that does not change the facts about what our investigation has uncovered and what the American people now know—that Planned Parenthood is engaged in an enterprise-wide operation that traffics and sells baby body parts.”

A few days later Americans watched Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, tell ABC News that the CMP is “well-funded,” which of course is very far from the truth. Richards also stated that “Planned Parenthood does not profit” from the sale of the baby body parts and she claimed that the CMP videos were “selectively edited,” though they can be found in their entirety on the organization’s website. While all the information has not, yet, been made public, we are confident that those who did the undercover work will be able to satisfy everyone that Planned Parenthood does profit and has broken federal laws.

Richards said many things that are far from credible during her interview, but the most unbelievable choice of words was when she stated that PP has “the highest standards. The care and health care and safety of our patients is our most important priority.”

It occurs to me that the “highest standards” precludes killing innocent babies and deceiving untold numbers of expectant mothers. Apparently the millions Planned Parenthood has made off the slaughter of preborn babies, no matter how or where they are killed, is not on her radar.

This brings me back to the law. What seems to have been overlooked in so much of what has been written and said about the Planned Parenthood exposé is the 1993 NIH Revitalization Act and how this law can be used to clarify the fact that Planned Parenthood has potentially broken the law in many ways. According to Dianne Irving, “Just knowing the details of two of the sections (Part II: Sections 111 and 112) of that Act will help clarify how egregious these Planned Parenthood activities truly are, and why Congress must step up to the plate and defund them. It would also seem that there are multiple legal precedents in the Act to prosecute them.”

In a short summary of the ways in which this law could have been violated, we find that “fetal tissue” has been erroneously defined. We also find that fetal tissue, according to the law, can only be used for therapeutic reasons. Yet Planned Parenthood’s “donation” of entire organs from the dead babies suggests that experimental research is what is being done. If so, PP has violated the law and is guilty of a crime.

And the list goes on! Who is investigating these and other possible violations of federal law? Is your elected official even aware of the 1993 law?

If pro-life Americans are not vigilant in defending and protecting the innocent from the onslaught of abuses perpetrated by Planned Parenthood on a daily basis, who will be?

Please hold your elected officials accountable, and remember that no matter how the preborn baby is murdered or where, every single abortion is an abominable act of killing.

In closing, I repeat the wise words of American Life League board member, Hugh Brown:

I ask you to go online to find your representatives and your senators. Call them. Do not hesitate. Do not wait. American Life League is asking millions upon millions of good-hearted Americans who value freedom and who value life to pick up their phones on Friday, July 31—FREEDOM FRIDAY—and overwhelm Congress with a million phone calls. Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, call your congressman. Call your senators. Tell them to protect freedom of speech, tell them to protect freedom of the press, and tell them to investigate and go after the real lawbreakers: Planned Parenthood.

Join American Life League this Freedom Friday and help us defend David Daleiden’s constitutional right to free speech and tell Congress that “Evil Incorporated,” also known as Planned Parenthood, must be investigated, defunded, and shut down.

Don’t let the horror show continue!