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Plan B Contributes to Twisted Diversity

The dictionary states that the definition of diverse is one thing differing from another. It further defines diversity as a noun meaning variety.

So my question is whether or not the morning-after pill—Plan B—is but a type of vulgar diversity that includes abortion, in vitro fertilization, same sex attraction, and destruction of marriage as we know it.

Plan B is adult medicine which was recently ordered to be available to children as young as 15. The goal of Plan B is to provide a last-ditch effort to a female who has had sex and does not want to bear the consequences that might include pregnancy and a baby. Plan B is the equivalent of prescribing a dose of guilty pleasures without consequences—thus presuming that the sexual urge cannot be controlled.

I propose that the escalation in the promotion of Plan B is nothing more than a variation in the way humankind views the value of the human being and his dignity. There are many reasons why I propose this.

The morning-after pill, or for that matter any birth control pill, will not protect the user from the risks of sexually transmitted diseases or the questionable influence of others—including the male who can make the over-the-counter purchase as he prepares for his sexual conquest. In addition, these chemicals can work to abort a baby before he has the opportunity to implant in his mother’s womb. In other words, Plan B becomes another tool in the diverse selection of health choices a human being can make—and another example of the devaluing of oneself and a newly created or yet-to-be-created child. In the process, the sexual act continues to be perceived as a mechanical function of the body that can be medicated, employed in diverse ways or, through surrogacy, shopped out to somebody else if a baby is the desired result.

If this hypothesis sounds convoluted, reflect on where our culture is today.

Contraception is a way of life for more than 90 percent of Americans. This translates into God only knows how many early day abortions, countless cases of sexually transmitted disease including HIV, and breast cancer among women who have used the pill.

Lack of respect for the human body and the sacredness of the conjugal act bred by the advancing contraceptive mentality over the past 50 years have led to all manner of diverse sexual practices. Such diverse behaviors have become commonplace and have therefore ceased to be defined as questionable or immoral. We see couples desperate for children who turn to in vitro fertilization and surrogacy because they suffer infertility—a problem often brought on by the pill and other factors including abortion.

We see same-sex couples using surrogate mothers to enable their own desire for children. We see same-sex couples striving to normalize their relationships by entering into civil unions or marriage itself, thus destroying once and for all the sanctity of marriage as we know it.

Contraception is the largest nail in the coffin of respect for the dignity of the human being. As long as it flourishes to the extent that it has, nothing else in the world of human sexuality is off limits—not even the ghoulish practices of a Kermit Gosnell.

This is not the kind of diversity that is healthy for the human being, nor is it a recipe for the salvation of a human soul.