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Pillaging Truth

By Judie Brown

To pillage is to plunder ruthlessly, as in destroying truth with deadly fiction. And when it comes to the truth, these days it seems that the Politico website is at the head of the class.

Whether writing about mail-order abortion pills or the latest Supreme Court decision, Politico twists truth as though baking a pretzel. In fact, on the topic of Roe v. Wade, they write about an initial draft of a possible court decision as though the world were coming to an end if anything were done to impinge on a woman’s alleged “right” to kill her preborn child.

Soon after the infamous article hit the Internet, our office started getting calls asking if violence would break out because women could be denied abortion. Well, let’s see. The violence of killing one’s child is a heinous act that our laws have protected for nearly 50 years, so what are the chances that all of a sudden Supreme Court justices would automatically use the Dobbs decision to recognize the crime of aborting one’s child?

Without having a crystal ball at my disposal, I would never hazard a guess. But we do know a few things. The most telling is that on the same day that Politico created their story they also published an opinion piece on Justice Samuel Alito that carried the headline: “Alito Wants a Brawl and Looks Likely to Get One.” The subtitle tells you all you need to know about the Politico agenda: “His contentious and self-assured draft opinion throws gasoline on the fire of the abortion debate at every level.”

We are not sure what the character assassination of a justice has to do with a judicial question that the court has chosen to address, but for those who grovel at the feet of the abortion cartel it does not matter. They will fight to the death to protect the act of killing babies.

The Dobbs case should be decided on its merits not on someone’s personal politics, including those of President Joseph Biden.

The president of the United States has said that “a woman’s right to choose is fundamental,” and he is not talking about choosing a hair color; he is talking about killing her own baby. And sadly, his words reflect the mood of the nation these days. Murder—whether in Ukraine, during a gang war, or in a mother’s womb—seems to be okay if that is what the people want. We have abortion extremists in charge, not men and women of principle.

Our leaders express “dismay” not outrage on the subject of war, but when it comes to aborting a child there is nothing but spineless rhetoric.

None of this changes the truth, of course. Pregnancy exists because a baby is growing inside her mother. The only things that will interrupt her growth are natural anomalies or the interference of chemicals or instruments designed to murder her.

And yes, aborting a baby is an act of murder no matter what the law dictates, no matter what polite societal conversational mores expect, and no matter how offended some get when you tell the truth.

Funny, is it not? The truth only makes those uncomfortable who would prefer to carry on the massacre while vehemently saying it’s a choice!

Indeed, Hitler made choices, and so do those who choose abortion.

Words deceive, but they can also set forth the principal truths that underlie governing in a civil manner, such as ending the cruelty of killing the innocent.

It is long past time for every one of us to stop pillaging the truth.