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Pharmacist pawns

What happens when a pharmacist cannot in good conscience fill a prescription for the birth control pill because he knows the pill aborts? Well, in Wyoming the Pharmacy Board is about to consider a proposal that some say would honor such a conscience-driven professional. But would it, really?

According to news reports, "The proposed rule change, to be discussed at the board's Oct. 4-5 meeting in Jackson, would allow Wyoming pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions, but only if they then told patients where they could get the prescription filled."

Hello? If I am a pharmacist, and I cannot in good conscience fill a prescription that I know can kill an innocent person, how can I refer the customer to someone who will aid and abet a killing?

No compromise, no exceptions, no apologies. Pro-Life Pharmacists Unite!!!!

See: Board considers allowing pharmacists to refuse prescriptions.