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No Ceiling on Abortion

By Judie Brown

The March for Life came and went as quickly as grains of sand flow through a baby’s fingers. We walked with thousands of pro-life people who braved the cold weather to serve as witnesses to the millions of babies who have been killed by various methods of abortion.

We listened to several radio interviews and read comments from local, state, and national pro-life and pro-abortion commentators.

We prayed as we do every day for an end to the slaughter. And it seemed that as quickly as January 22 came for the 49th time since the Roe and Doe Supreme Court decisions, it went, passing into the pages of history.

To this very day, sadly, some of the flawed concepts of the early years following the January 22 decisions remain and may have grown slightly more egregious. For example, pro-life Americans say they favor putting limits on aborting children. In fact, a Students for Life of America statement regarding January 2021 polling data states:

Asked directly about reversing Roe to return the issue of abortion to the states, more Millennials and Gen Z supported reversing Roe and sending abortion policy to the voters than opposed it, by a margin of 44% in favor to 36% opposed and 18% unsure. The number of respondents opposing Roe and Doe nearly doubled after learning more about what the law allows. This number is extraordinary considering Planned Parenthood claims that Roe is popular and that 77 percent of the American people oppose reversing it, which would simply return the issue of abortion to the states where the people could have a voice and a vote on life-related policy. When they learn about what Roe v. Wade actually does, Millennial and Gen Z oppose it. Looking at the big picture, 57% to 30% oppose Roe when they learn it allows for abortion through all 9 months. This is an increase of 6 percent, as a 2019 SFLA poll found that 51% supported reversing Roe when they learned about its extremism.

In other words, the questions centered on states’ rights to regulate/limit abortion, and the respondents did not change the premise but rather answered the questions as asked.

But are we really in favor of encouraging lawmakers in each of the 50 states to offer their own abortion regulations/limitations? If so, why? Don’t we want to protect every baby regardless of his age, health, or condition of dependency? Or are we satisfied that today people favor regulating the killing state by state?

It seems to us that this is a deadly trend that must be reversed if we are serious about living in a culture where all human beings are equally respected because they are our brothers and sisters, not because of the place where they live—be it fallopian tube, petri dish, or womb.

My friends, we can do this. The first step toward achieving total protection for all is to stop using language that accepts some abortion. For example, let’s rewrite the quote above so that it reads:

Asked directly about overturning Roe and Doe, young Americans supported ending abortion by restoring respect for every human being to the Constitution. Once Americans are educated on the truth that abortion kills a baby, the number of those rejecting Roe and Doe double because nobody wants to support killing a baby! Looking at the big picture, 57% oppose Roe when they learn it allows for abortion through all nine months.

By using fewer words and being more precise in the words we do use, we can teach truth. When we focus on WHO dies during an abortion, more Americans will recognize the truth that a baby dies during abortion, that abortion is an act of killing, and that like every other type of violence, abortion should be outlawed.

There should be no ceiling on abortion. There should be no limits. There should be no geographical lines controlling where a baby dies and where he doesn’t.

Abortion by any method should not be legal. Period!