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Louisiana Compromise

The headline blares: "Lousiana becomes first state to outlaw late-term abortion procedure." Outlaw? Not quite.

The new state law permits the direct killing of the nearly delivered baby when failure to perform the act would endanger the mother's life. In other words, yet another law has been approved that will, in essence, not save a single baby.

Isn't it time for those who support such flawed legislative proposals to at least get the title right? According to my dictionary, ban means "to prohibit." This law, at best, merely regulates when the killing can be done.

If decriminalizing only those abortions that are politically acceptable to stop is all that the mainstream pro-life movement is capable of accomplishing, then it's time to surrender the field to those of us who know that achieving total protection for innocent preborn children is a goal which must be approached and pursued with consistent steps. Thus a partial birth abortion ban would not contain any exception, period.

Give me break. It's time for the compromising to end.