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Kamala Loathes Truth

By Judie Brown

I suppose we could give Kamala Harris, the nation’s vice president, a pass since she never actually bore a child of her own, but then again, maybe not.

Her advocacy of abortion has defined her ever since she came to our attention. And for those who may not recall her gambit when she was attorney general of California, let’s remember what caught us all by storm. In 2016, David Daleiden’s videography documenting the horror of Planned Parenthood’s deadly work caught the attention of many, including Harris. In fact, it was her office that seized Daleiden’s videos from his apartment! And while the claim was that he and his team had used fraudulent tactics to expose Planned Parenthood, the point was that Harris had sold out to Planned Parenthood and even then was carrying their water with a smile and her well-known cackle.

Fast-forward to the current state of affairs and Harris’ ongoing dedication to aborting children at all costs. Recently during a White House briefing she made statements that underscore the Harris version of truth. Excerpts from her comments include factual errors.

For instance, she referred to a map of the 50 states and abortion laws in those states as a quilt with many different colors. And she explained the variations in laws against abortion by suggesting that “people are confused. And when we see that, we know that is a situation that is ripe for misinformation and disinformation and predators.”

Then, in text aimed a group of young people, she said:

I am begging our young leaders to please use that talent and skill in a way that a lot of the folks who have been in this movement for a long time aren’t necessarily the best at — (laughs) — to help get out the facts, and to help people know their rights, and to clear up the confusion, and most of all, to remind people they’re not alone. 
Because there’s an additional point on this issue that must be, I think, acknowledged, which is the fact that, over the course of history, women have been punished for their sexuality. And with this issue, then, comes a profound amount of judgment, more so than we’ve seen in a long time. 

So, then, among the issues is not only freedom, liberty, access to healthcare, but judgment and what that does to make that individual feel alone and to predictably result in silent suffering.

Note her use of the term “silent suffering” and remember that she is speaking about expectant mothers who are not getting the chance to kill their babies. Harris has no clue about the actual silent suffering that occurs during every single abortion, but then again why should she? She has an agenda.

It is her allies who have suggested that there is a diaper shortage in our country because we pro-lifers are saving too many babies.

And her followers include high school kids, one of whom recently wrote about a subject that makes our collective heads spin. Tallulah Rector, a student from Palm Desert High School, wrote about her nana’s abortion and what it meant to her in light of the Dobbs Supreme Court decision. She opined:

Sometimes it is hard to think of your grandparents as young people with full, complicated lives. But now, decades after my Nana’s illegal abortion, my personhood is being questioned too. Are women human enough to have the right to choose? With this single ruling, the Supreme Court has left this an open question.

Like Harris, Rector is convinced that her personal identity resides solely in the question of whether or not it is legal to kill one’s own child.

The Satanic Temple agrees with Harris as well. They are at the Supreme Court with their own case, suggesting that a law that bans killing preborn children is actually about religious rights, not human beings!

Our wacky world is teeming with people like Harris who prefer death to life. But why? The answer is a simple one. Without a firm understanding of human personhood—a gift that is given to every one of us by God—there is a golden opportunity to not only loathe the truth but to seek ways to kill people while saying it is a personal right.

Harris and her cohorts deserve our prayers and our promise: We will never cease defending the innocent, focused always on respect for the dignity of every individual human being.

That is the truth.