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Jab: A COVID Vaccine Train Wreck

By Judie Brown

Pro-life Americans have been laser focused on the morally questionable development of the various COVID-19 vaccines, all of which employ aborted baby cells either in their development, their manufacturing, or both.

Further, the COVID-19 vaccines have not been approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration, but rather have been given the green light for emergency use. And now scientists are calling on the FDA to postpone full approval until the phase III clinical trials are completed.

Yet, despite these irrefutable facts, President Joe Biden has proposed sending agents door-to-door to visit the homes of the unvaccinated! Is this vaccine shaming or the gestapo? You decide! But before you do, consider this.

Based on the actions of the Biden administration, the push to mandate vaccines for everyone, regardless of their medical conditions, moral concerns, or religious beliefs, could well be imminent.

As we write, colleges are already ahead of the curve. This came to our attention when a supporter contacted us asking for help. It seems their daughter was accepted at a certain college but was told she could not attend unless she was vaccinated. This young lady is morally opposed to these vaccines, and she hopes to get pregnant one day after she is married, so you can imagine the horror of being told she could not pursue her education unless she got the jab!

The family asked us to help them find a doctor who would write a note that might exempt her, but sadly, doctors are loath to do this for fear of government intrusion in their practice. This is strange, since there are valid reports that these vaccines can jeopardize fertility, let alone cause serious illness if a woman is pregnant. So why would a doctor not want to protect his patient?

In an effort to discern what is actually going on, we found the ugly truth. One source reveals this fact: “Over a century ago the U.S. Supreme Court held that it is within a state’s police power to enact compulsory immunization laws.”

Some medical experts suggest that the final decision for such potential mandates is ethically problematic because of the FDA’s tenuous Emergency Use Authorization for these vaccines. These experts write: “Vaccine mandates are unjustified because an EUA requires less safety and efficacy data than full Biologics License Application (BLA) approval. Individuals would also likely distrust vaccine mandates under emergency use, viewing it as ongoing medical research.”

Yet, such facts did not deter the University of California, because in California colleges can legally require students to be vaccinated—at least for now. And apparently other university, college, high school, and grade school students can be required to be vaccinated anywhere depending on the location of the school and what the state laws happen to be.

Thankfully, in California, college students are suing over vaccine mandates.

In the state of Virginia, lawyers have taken this matter to each public and private school in defense of those who oppose mandatory vaccines. They say in part that people who have had COVID-19 should be made aware that the vaccine is more dangerous for them and that they already have antibodies that “are far superior to the immunity that could be obtained by a vaccine.”

Further, the letter points out how thousands of students plan to attend colleges and universities this fall but “who refuse to yield to mandates that they first participate in unmonitored experimental genetic therapy by taking the COVID-19 vaccine.” The legal team said that such policies are “putting these students, and their parents, in an untenable situation, where they must choose between accepting the significant risk of bodily injury, possible lifelong disability, or death or continue their education” at the aforementioned school and universities.

We agree with Cheryl Sullenger, who writes that “the public is under tremendous pressure to take the vaccines, but no one should be forced to take part in an experimental program against their will. It should be up to each person to decide to participate or not of their own free will and with informed consent.”

Until Americans understand what is at stake, especially given the knock you may get at your door, we urge everyone to just say no unless your own doctor has given you a valid reason to be vaccinated. And whatever you do, please don’t trust the media or the politicians for sound medical advice. Your life and health are at stake!

Through prayer, discernment, and “trust in God and in His love,” you will make the right decision.